Defective Samus Amiibo? More Like Perfected Samus Amiibo

Defective Samus Amiibo? More Like Perfected Samus Amiibo

The Amiibo Samus figure Redditor Adam "Adamantium126" Truesdale received from Best Buy might not be able to enjoy a cup of coffee or open manual doors, but who cares when you've got double the firepower?

According to a Gamespot interview with the lucky owner of no-hands Samus, he didn't even realise the figure had two cannons until a friend pointed it out. Luckily he was able to procure a "normal" Samus, and her awesome twin remains encased in her plastic shell, to show up on eBay a few years from now as a super-rare variant.

Defective Samus Amiibo? More Like Perfected Samus Amiibo


    I don't think Adam would approve of this.

    Well she is a cyborg, her body is just a robot. Which is why she can morphball.
    (actually I don't know why Nintendo removed that detail to her, maybe because they want her to remain a pretty girl)

      Pretty sure that lore-wise she still is/can be considered a cyborg, since the suit has biological elements to it and/or it integrates with her body in such a way that it could only be removed surgically after the X-parasite attack at the beginning of Fusion.

        Well X-parasite if i recall correctly was because the parasite caused the power suit to fuse with her body.
        Because if she is a cyborg and her body is so deeply integrated with the power suit, how do we get Zero suit Samus (aside from ..because fan service)?

          I don't think it was the parasite that caused the suit to fuse to her, it was that she was comatose and couldn't "disengage" it as she normally would. The whole fusion thing was to do with the metroid DNA in the vaccine fusing with hers/her suit's.

          And we get zero suit Samus because she... takes off the power suit. At the end of Zero Mission she hopped in her ship and stripped off, but then got shot down and was stuck without the power suit, left to fend for herself as she was.

    Surprised that I am still yet to see Samus done Bayonetta style with guns on all limbs.

    Its from a new Metroid movie directed by John Woo, duh.

      White doves not included in packaging (we tried, but it didn't end well).

    Whatever you do, do not crossover both streams of the zero laser or else it could get even more destructive, by destructive, i mean the planetbusting kind

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