Destiny's Loot Showers Are Tiny Yet Sadly Still Exciting

Destiny's Loot Showers Are Tiny, Yet Sadly Still Exciting

It says something about the effect Destiny's stinginess has had on my brain that I watched this video of someone getting three loot engrams at once and thought "Oh hell yes, I want that to happen to me!"

Here's the clip, sent in by reader Peter J:

I mean… it's two green engrams and a blue engram. Yay? Still, it's nice to see that there are some small ways people can feel a bit more rewarded by the game. Now, if we could just get Atheon to explode in a shower of engrams when he dies, we'll be in business.

Then again, knowing this game, every single engram he dropped would contain Chatterwhite.


    With the amount of engrams drops you get and the glimmer cap that I didn't realise was there until I hit it, I'd hope for a crafting system to be on the way except Bungie don't want it to be a full on RPG

      I have like 800 plasteel plating on my Titan, I really hope they let us start selling it for reputation points (like the other materials) or otherwise trading it in. I've already started sending all my engrams over to my alts so they can build their reserves of sapphire wire/hadronic essence but pretty soon even blue engrams will stop being exciting since the cryptarch rarely gives purples for levelling up with him and when he does it's usually ascendant shards. Granted, I love getting ascendant shards but seeing a piece of armour or a gun come out of purples engrams would be nice once in awhile too.

        I got one of those purple packages from the post master guy and not only did it actually have a purple engram in it which I was stoked about not getting a blue engram from them, but it decrypted into a Truth rocket launcher.

        I stopped playing shortly after that though. Was fed up just waiting for Tuesday to come around so I could have another couple of pops at the raid in the off-chance I might actually get an armour drop from it so I could finally level up to 30 which has no real effect on anything except in the raid on level 30 and possibly in the next iron banner event if they haven't kept the balancing. Destiny isn't a FPS. It's a leveling up simulator

          I still enjoy playing it for the sake of playing it which will likely die off once I have some other games to occupy my time, plus I still hold out hope that I'll have the time and orgnisation at some point for join someone on the raid which keeps me playing.

    It's still a joke, green engrams should flat out not exist in end game, the glimmer from them is tiny and glimmer is next to pointless+abundant UNLESS they make them back into encrypted engrams with a chance at rarer items (up to ledgendary, tiny chance obviously) and cryptarch rep.

      You need the materials from breaking them down to upgrade legendaries but.

        You can get the mats from blues (and purples, I guess), too, just the drop-rate makes greens far more effective for that. I'd much rather an automated system whereby once you reach level 20, greens get DE'd on pickup.

          Yes the ability to turn on Disassemble all greens automatically would be nice.

            Oh man, yes.

            Just an option, it doesn't have to be on by default.

        This would be fixed with the unless method, and these materials are plenty abundant also

          Weapon parts & class specific materials, though?

          I thought you could only get them from breaking down gear?

            Yes but you get more for breaking down blues, which you will get plenty of while grinding end game for the gear you want.

    Drops are pointless in Destiny - or rather their importance is not immediate. You'll almost never get anything decent.

    You need all the useless gear to break down into the class-specific gear crafting item, which is used in upgrading decent gear.

    You need encoded engrams so you can level up your Cryptarch reputation. Each level up gives you the potential for decent drops (usually strange coins, motes of light, ascendant materials and I even got my end-game purple helmet from leveling to 10).

    Besides that one purple, everything I use was purchased using the Vanguard reputation system or using the coins at Xur. It took a while to realise, but Destiny has it's own odd way of getting you gear, and it just isn't through drops.

      It took a while to realise, but Destiny has it's own odd way of getting you gear, and it just isn't through drops.

      I would see people using the loot cave and just want to scream 'that's the slowest, most painful, most boring way you could possibly gear a Destiny character. Rather than relying on 1-in-10,000 kills resulting in a bit of useful gear* just have fun with Strikes and/or Crucible and buy exactly what you're looking for off the vendors'.

      *Useful often meaning Legendary for your class but with less than perfect stats. If you want your gear to match your preferred weapons we're talking 1-in-1,000,000.

      Last edited 12/11/14 2:54 pm

        I had to explain this to some friends last week. They were bitching about the RNG and being stuck on level 22 but had 150+ vanguard marks and were almost at level 3 reputation. I was like "BUY THE ARMOUR YOU NEED, IT'S AS GOOD AS YOU'RE GOING TO GET OTHER THAN FROM THE RAID."

        Did that, as well as picking up an exotic piece from Xur (after I pointed out you get strange coins for the weekly strikes, something they never bothered to investigate due to only playing in the strike playlists) and boom, straight to level 26.

          Quite a similar situation to my friends. Destiny being their first loot-esque game, they were capped at 23 - from fully upgraded blues and only had a legendary weapon each. They were in similar positions with Crucible and Vanguard Marks until I pointed out the vendors to them.

          Some of the things that we take for granted compared to newer players surprises me at times.

    Compared to the literal rain of guns/pointy things from a boss kill in borderlands/diablo (the style of game its trying to clone) this is beyond a joke.

    I really much prefer the scarceness of drops (Which I still feel I am picking up pretty regularly.) compared to games like Diablo and Borderlands. I find the rate of Borderlands loot sucks the fun out of the game. I have to stop playing the game every couple of minutes because I have to compare all 26 items that dropped against the 10 that I'm able to carry to see if any of it is better.

    I like loot as much as the next guy, but I don't think more loot = more fun.

    And like mentioned above the drops are just nice bonuses in Destiny. All of my gear has been bought from vendors. So I could pick the stats I wanted.

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    I think i played the games for about 2 weeks. Now i have traded it in for 30 bux. Thank you over hyped advertising and stellar alpha/ beta reviews for making me spend $79 on a 2 week game with very little to no interesting replay value or i guess just interesting rewarding game play.

    Chuck you in the over hyped list with Brink, Bullet storm, Colonial marines, home front and enemy territory quake wars. Sucks most of those games were Steam activated so i couldn't get any trade ins

    Why doesn't the Cryptarch sell blue or purple engrams?! Even it it cost 25k at least I would have something to spend my glimmer on.

      The Cryptarch like the Vanguard Class armour vendors and the Gunsmith does sell blue or rare items. But rare really does mean rare. In the time I've played destiny I've only seen him do it a few times but I've seen it.

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