Dragon Age: Inquisition On PC Vs PS4 Vs Xbox One

Dragon Age: Inquisition on PC vs PS4 vs Xbox One

Given what I've heard so far about the third game in BioWare's fantasy epic, I'm of the opinion that you should play Dragon Age: Inquisition. In case you need a platform qualifier to that statement, IGN has made a lovely graphics comparison video.

Judging from the video alone, the differences between PC and the two console versions come down to, as they often do, particles and lighting. The most dramatic difference can be seen at about 3:50 in the video, when the difference between the PC version and Xbox One is almost literally night and day.

Either way you slice it, this is going to be one beautiful game. It's just some versions are a little more shady than others.


    Not a lot of difference to be seen besides PC being a bit sharper and clearer.
    Can't wait till Tuesday morning!

      The xbox is noticeably worse than the PS version too.

        Is it? I literally cannot tell any difference at all.

          There is a massive difference. You just gotta stand back and take a PS fanboy's look. Can you see the difference? The PS version looks like a crisp 16K resolution with 120fps. Where as the Xbox version looks like 2 girls 1 cup.

            Yeah i have quickly learned that there's a lot of Playstation morons out there... just have to ask them, how many AAA titles did Sony release in 2014... aholes

          Look at the gif. The rock is blurrier, and there's pixelation on the forehead of the character.

          I don't own a PS nor XB, and never have. I own a PC only.

            You hardly notice these things when the game is actually MOVING, but the only slight differences I see is the texture presentation during far distances with curved angles.

            Maybe Xbox and PS simply have different anisotropic filtering methods?

            Then again, I can never trust YouTube comparison videos. I'd rather carry out the experiments on my own, with my own equipment.

            Regardless of that, I'm amazed how both games look soo much alike, considering both consoles use different rendering API.

      Tuesday? Isn't it out Thursday?

        Tuesday on PC if you connect via a korean vpn. Have already pre loaded it this way. Follow this http://www.vpngate.net/en/howto_softether.aspx pretty straight forward. just mention me or reply if have any issues.

        Last edited 16/11/14 8:11 pm

          Do you then need to make a korean Steam account?

            No. Dragon Age Inquisition is through origin. Once you have purchased Dragon Age Inquisition and added the key to your Origin account so that the game shows up in the "My Games" section, get out of Origin completely, load up the Softether vpn and connect to Korea. Now load up Origin. You will know that part has worked if you have Korean text in Origin. If all good click on "My games" and now click on dragon age and pre load. Once the game has started downloading you can then disconnect from the vpn and carry on as normal. Game should just keep downloading. If it does not then you will have to try a different vpn program. If at any point during the download there is an issue then again get out of Origin completely and load the vpn again etc. I probably make it sound harder than it is :)

          Ah i'm getting it on PS4 so not much help, but thanks for the tip anyway.

      It might be my eyes, but at first I thought the XBOne looked better but then I noticed slight more blurring. But that's probably my PS Fanboy-ness taking over

    Meh, video comparisons never really work consodering the quality is only ever gonna be as good as the video player.

    I'm more interested in how current gen versions compare to the last gen. It will help decide whether I finally get a PS4, as I'm still holding out on getting one for now.

      The PS3 version looks like ass and it runs at 30 fps. Some slowdown when a lot of things are on screen.

    Eh. Not really fussed about all that. Getting it on the 'Bone.

    Thursday. Four more sleeps. So excited!!!

      Not to be an ass or anything but why are people so excited everyone with Xbox One and EAaccess have been playing it all weekend...

      GTA V looks damn tempting :)

    So torn... DAI or GTAV... which to get! Only have enough for one :(

      I'd agree with @andy if you already played GTAV on last gen consoles.

      That's the same reason I'm putting off getting the MCC a while.

      If you didn't play GTAV... Then it's a much harder question but I believe the answer is buy DA:I and steal GTAV =P

      If you haven't played GTAV toss a coin, hate the result and realise you want one more than the other.

      If you have played GTAV, buy DAI and wait for GTAV to go on sale.

      Although in all seriousness DAI will probably go on sale quicker than GTAV.

    Holy shit this gif is so much more helpful than those frustrating side by side videos!

    Not getting this until it's reasonably priced on PC.

    So, 2016.

      What would you call reasonably priced? Got the digital deluxe for $54 through Origin using the mexican hola trick. Pretty reasonably priced imo.

        If I have to use a trick, then they can fuck themselves. I saw it as something like $90... and you know it's going to have a fortune in piecemeal DLC that never, ever gets discounted because they decided to use those stupid points.

      or you could get it from ozgamehop for $55

        Or about $44 from Instant Gaming via dlCompare

    The PC's Youtube compression artifacting is way better than the Xbox's Youtube compression artifacting.

    They're close enough for me, my PC is being built up a few bits at a time, above spec in most areas but it's only got the bare minimum of RAM for this, so rather than add a couple hundred to the price of the game, I'll get it on PS4.

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