Dragon Age Players, Show Us Your Heroes

Dragon Age Players, Show Us Your Heroes

The first act of Dragon Age: Inquisition doesn’t really take place on a snowy mountain; it takes place in the game’s character creator.

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time playing role-playing video games knows how important it is to create a really cool-looking character. Hopefully you read my tips article and took your time with the character creator (and also turned down “lip shine”). I hope you each now have a hero that you really love.

Up top is my primary character, Sabetha Trevalyan. She’s a mage, Knight Enchanter subclass, and I played her as a pretty traditional goody two-shoes. She’s agnostic, and doesn’t really buy the story of The Maker, and she’s got a soft spot for dreamy ex-templar commanders. A bit boring, I guess, but I really like her.

Are you an elven mage? Or maybe a dwarven swordfighter? Perhaps an Qunari dagger-wielder, or a Human reaver? Grab a screenshot of your hero and link to it in the comments below, along with your character’s name, class and how you’re role-playing them.


  • Probably a few weeks before I get to play this but I intend to continue my female human rogue character from the previous games, investing in ranged/archer attacks as a priority. Can’t post an image but she’ll probably look like a softer version of default fem shep from Mass Effect 2, because they totally copied my style. But in the other games I have also taken control of levelling and tactics for party characters to get a feel for the other classes.

    • I’m curious how you’re doing that given that each games protagonist is explicitly a separate character. z

      Or this is a case of “To Hell with canon, I’m doing what I like!” xD I can dig that.

      • I ascribe to my own canon that the world can only ever be saved by a cheeky and promiscuous rouge with burgundy hair. Maybe they are all cousins or reincarnations or something.

  • am I the only one who is not trying to recreate his ex-gf/friend/someone in game?
    just clicked random on face generator few times and couldn’t care less re this ‘superb customization’ feature

    • If you really didn’t care wouldn’t you just pick one of the preset faces? I get the feeling you might be full of shit.

    • If I recreated my girlfriend, I wouldn’t be playing this game at all. Why? Because she’s imaginary, that’s why.

    • Is it that hard to grasp that people want to make their own character appearance considering the game focuses so much on choice? Or would you rather “buzz cut protagonist #65” to make his comeback?

  • Can’t, haven’t even started yet, I’m too busy with Far Cry 4. Hopefully I’ll get it finished this week so I can move onto Dragon Age.

  • http://imgur.com/PEHjaR4
    My Elven Knight Enchanter, Nerius Lavellan. He is Dalish through and through but plays along as Herald for the good of Thedas and The Inquisition. He always does whats best for Mages and Elves albeit selfishly at times.

  • Not at home so cant show picture but have to say the disappointments with DAI UI all start even with character creation. You cant save things you build? Who on earth thought that was a good thing? Who on earth thought of putting a brief cut scene before and after the creation scene?

    So you cant build what you like go into game for a few seconds and then come back out reload save file make minor adjustments. Rise and repeat. (even though you can skip the cut screens, it still takes a good few minutes of button pressing) This from a company who used to make some of the greatest games ever made?

    Loving this game but the UI is absolutely appalling.

    • ^ This. A million times, this. The UI throughout all of DAI is just terrible. Utterly confusing, counter intuitive and don’t even get me started on the text size (could be my old 32″ LCD showing its age). I really wish more reviews would explore this aspect of games – in the case of DAI its really killing my enjoyment.

      • 32″ would be your problem there. I sit about five meters from my 52″ and can read everything perfectly. And the UI has never been a problem.

        • I think its only part of the problem. And I feel its a game designers responsibility to ensure that text is legible across all monitor / TV sizes + resolutions. Difficult, I’m sure, but my ability to enjoy a game shouldn’t be dictated by the size of my display.

    • When I created a custom character in DA1, he looked… kinda stupid. So I spent a good few hours laughing every time he was in a cut scene. I ended up having to give that character up because it ruined the immersion.

  • Spent ages on mine only to have my son say she looks like a default option. Couldn’t get the eyes quite right so just gave up and went with average looking.

    Anyone else find the too shiny lips and somewhat glossy faces on the females a bit strange?

    • I remember serveral HD packs for Half Life 2 also had the ‘porn star’ look for all the female characters too.

    • The best advice I ever got from one of the Kotaku ‘tips for playing X game’ articles on DA:I was to set lip shine to zero/minimal. Dead-on advice.

  • I made a redhead…. which is pretty funny/awkward when Iron Bull goes “Mmmmmm… Redheads….”

  • I miss Mass Effect too much – so I created a Femshep and gave her that wacky American accent.
    I regret nothing.

  • I had a supercute blond chic for the other two campaigns. She was a reaver warrior though but I think this time I am going to reincarnate her as a mage. Gasp yes me, play mage, even I’m calling myself out for bs.

  • Lacking body customization is a little sad. I created a square-jawed, bearded, scarred, gruff MANLY warrior type dude… who had a weenie little pencil neck. And perpetual sad puppydog plaintive eyebrow expressions. Couldn’t even last through the intro, went to re-roll a female, whose heads all suit their bodies better.

  • http://imgur.com/SdRVQP7

    My Elf mage. She’s super goodie-two-shoes. Not romancing anyone and doesn’t believe in the Maker, but in the Elven gods (but when people ask if I think I’m the Herald, I just kinda say I don’t know haha).

  • Didn’t read your lip shine advice and made my male human character too pretty so he looks very gay. I think I’m going to have to hook him up with that buff Qunari. Don’t have the luxury of time to start again but thank god I could respec from Rogue archer to dual daggers. Much more fun to play in my opinion.

    • I haven’t got a screenshot, however I just started playing as a Qunari Dual Dagger wielding famale and it’s added a hilarious edge to the story and it’s fun to play – In cut scenes when she’s talking to Cassandra, she absolutely Monsters over her……like she must be nearly 8 feet tall haha! But yeah I’m loving the dual dagger rogue and can’t wait to get further into the ability tree.

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