Dream Of A Destiny X Daft Punk Crossover

Dream Of A Destiny x Daft Punk Crossover

I've finally given up on Destiny. And feel like a better man for having kicked the habit. But boy, if there's one thing that would get me back into the game, it would be novelty Daft Punk armour. Because really, we were all only playing it for the shiny new gear anyway.

These pieces were done by artist Sean Gall. I would kill if my Titan could look that good, all furry and funky and pimpy and fabulous.

Daft Punk meets Destiny [Sean Gall, via pixalry]

Dream Of A Destiny x Daft Punk Crossover
Dream Of A Destiny x Daft Punk Crossover


    But would the Daft Punk armour make your character Harder, Better, Faster and Stronger?

      Nice one!, they will probably have a new material called 'Musique' and you will need 38 of them to fully upgrade each piece of armour!

    I still can't get over the fact I couldn't play with my own sound track on the XBOX One. The lack of that functionality is killing games for me. Instead of bouncing around to tasty jams I was stuck listening to a lightbulb. Destiny with the original 'every has to be epic' soundtrack = dull. Destiny with Daft Punk mixed into my headset = Guardians of the Galaxy.

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