EA Gives Up On Dawngate, Their Take On League Of Legends

EA Gives Up On Dawngate, Their Take On League Of Legends

Dawngate, EA’s attempt at snatching the MOBA crown from League of Legends and DOTA 2, is exiting this world as quietly as it entered. Today EA abruptly announced that the game is shutting down in 90 days.

Developer Waystone’s Matt Bromberg made the announcement on Dawngate‘s website:

“Today, I have the unenviable task of announcing that we’ve decided to stop development of Dawngate.”

” Dawngate has been in beta for almost 18 months, including a full open beta for the past six months. Through that time, we’ve taken a lot of feedback from players and delivered lots of new features and innovations. And although the game has grown, we’re not seeing the progress we’d hoped for. This isn’t the outcome we wanted, but beta testing is about learning and improving, and ultimately, about making difficult decisions about how to proceed.”

Feeling betrayed? Upset? Well, on the bright side you can get a full refund on all money you spent during the beta. Bromberg explained:

“As a part of the process of closing down Dawngate, we’ll continue to operate the game for the next 90 days. All players will be entitled to a full refund of any money spent during the beta. For most players, we’ll process those refunds within the next 10 days. If we don’t have current payment information on file for you, we’ll need to reach out first before initiating the refund. If you have any questions, you can reach us at help.ea.com.”

Dawngate was announced last year, albeit with less of a confetti-ridden trumpet blast than typical EA fare. Despite that, this shutdown kinda came out of nowhere. The game just received a fairly substantial update last night!

A dedicated community of fans are pretty devastated to see it go, too:



    • for a company notorious for overspending on advertising, I agree this definitely flew under the radar, I knew about it vaguely but only of its existence as an idea, not that it was in beta etc

  • This doesn’t really come as a surprise. Dawngate was one of a wave of MOBAs trying to cash in on the success of LoL and Dota. Like most games that try to be LoL, most players try it and then decide that they’d just rather be playing LoL.

  • Wait, this very ballsy move, and then the Sims gets pools as a free update without putting it in as DLC… what the fuck is going on at EA that they’re making decisions I can respect?

  • I remember they EA gave me a code for it after sitting through one hell of a support session. Apparently they thought it was enough to say sorry…
    I jumped on it a few times, could never find a game. So I gave up.

  • Tried this game in beta and it was alright, was fun for a little bit and i’m note sure if they changed it so that abilities had a cost (in beta you could spam them whenever they were available) but hopefully they can put that time and talent towards a different and better project now =)

  • Just keep under advertising and keep killing ip’s EA, don’t worry- I will eventually get over my favourite franchises being closed and new potential trials being broken down. I swear I will

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