Everything Wrong With The Evil Within In 12 Minutes

Video: Many of the attempts at generating fright in The Evil Within just feel... clunky. Doubtful? Just watch a comprehensive breakdown of the survival horror game's missteps. Be careful not to step in any blood.

The same fellow who's catalogued the wrongness in DmC and Remember Me comes back to judge Shinji Mikami's latest creation. Many of Dartigan's complaints mirror the problems I had with the game, in that it throws a ton of tropes at you in the hopes that one of them will make you skin crawl.


    Not even an official 'sins', but a bad knockoff. The guys 'list' is as dodgy as he claims the game to be.

      What is the world is an "official 'sins'"? Resident Evil has never been known to have a compelling and believable story and this train wreck of a plot is no different.

        The official series?

          I guess what I meant to say was the idea isn't tied to one channel alone. Yeah this one's amateurish but does't necessarily lack merit.

      Sure....but I still had a chuckle or two in there.

    Fuck this is such a great game! :D

    Such a fun game!!

    46 seconds into this video and I couldn't get any further... Such a terrible, terrible knock off of the movie sins style... That and his complaints were... well.. ehhh...

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