Everything You Might Have Missed From PAX Australia!

So PAX Australia has been put to bed. It's all over. I can honestly say that it absolutely outperformed all my expectations. I'm not usually a fan of sweatbox conventions, but the vibe at PAX, the people and the panels were absolutely fantastic. But more about that later, for now — this is what you missed on Kotaku over the weekend.

And there's more to come. I played a lot of cool stuff at PAX and had a lot of cool experiences. More on that later!

Five Exciting Things About The Future Of PC Gaming Might have been my favourite panel at the show. Many interesting things were said.

The Future Of The Xbox One In Australia Local servers inbound, and more!

When The PAX Floodgates Open... This was a terrifying sight to behold. The masses piling on in!

The Closest Thing To PAX Without Actually Going To PAX They actually streamed the whole thing basically! Most of the videos will be archived here I suspect, along with some of the panels.

There Are Massive Real Life Tetris Blocks At PAX Australia They were massive.

This Is Why Your IT Guy Called In Sick Today These little messages were pretty cool.

PAX Australia Will Remain In Melbourne For The Next Five Years Bad news Sydney/Perth/Brisbane/Adelaide/everywhere that isn't Melbourne!

Anyone here head to PAX Australia over the weekend? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!


    Thanks for all the coverage over the weekend, Mark! I appreciated it!

    Pleasure to finally meet you Mark. You really should share the pics of you with the world ;-)

    Had a great time at Pax this year. The LoL Regionals were awesome. Fantastic atmosphere and some really good games too.

    I wish I had a time machine so that I could focus on one area then travel back in time and focus on another area, and repeat until I covered all areas. I'd have 3 versions of myself dedicated to panels.

    The only thing I missed is not shaking your hand when I had the chance. You are doing a great job Mark and you are an excellent journalist. Next year PAX will be even larger and more vibrant!

    I had a tiny person in tow, so chatting to all the TAYbies over the weekend was a bit of a challenge. Also I was actually quite sick, so just getting up in the morning was also a challenge all weekend, but we cosplayed, we played games, we crashed on beanbags and we came home with swag. We had fun at The Land Of Games.

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