Fake Star Wars: Force Awakens Trailer Is Most Impressive

Fake Star Wars: Force Awakens Trailer Is Most Impressive

You are not looking at a real trailer for The Force Awakens. Sorry! It's phoney. Fake. And fan-made. But, you know what, for what it is, this is pretty good.

Uploaded by YouTuber Romeo Lux who wrote, "Awesome! Great tone to this trailer! Now I just can't wait for the real thing!"

As pointed out by YouTube commenters like Tobias Walker, you might recognise a line from the game The Force Unleashed ("I've finally drawn you out of hiding" was said by Rahm Kota) as an obvious giveaway that, of course, this isn't a real trailer.

There are other clues too, like Harrison Ford's quote "You guys got room in this battle for an old war horse." That, YouTube commenter Young Wyze points out, is from Anchorman 2. Then there's old footage as well as footage from other fan films.

Still, the whole thing is put together skillfully enough that the trailer has over a thousand likes on YouTube and that some people online are getting fooled.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens International Teaser Trailer [Romeo [email protected]]


    that looks like arse. A poor mashup effort of many sub-standard sources.

      Yes. This is going to be one of the most pumped up, biggest hyped movies for many years. The trailer does not reflect that at all.

      hahaha couldnt agree more. cant believe people are saying this is impressive. fan turd alert.

    Got Excited, Didn't read the title of the article. Watched the trailer and felt gutted! thinking the movie looks n sounds like shit...... Oh wait the trailer is Fake.... Well there is hope yet.

    Nevertheless... This fake trailer is still better than The Phantom Menace

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