Fallout And Team Fortress 2 Go Together Surprisingly Well

Fallout And Team Fortress 2 Go Together Surprisingly Well

Want to play Fallout: New Vegas as one of Team Fortress 2‘s colourful classes, all the way down to skills, motives and possible alcoholism? Here’s how.

Molkifier put together a guide on the mods and measures needed to recreate the cast of Team Fortress 2 in Fallout: New Vegas. It’s nicely detailed, with lists of skills, traits, weapons, armour, and stats for everybody. There’s even suggestions of how to act, for full effect.

For example, here’s the Scout:

Primary Weapon: Sawed-Off / Big Boomer

Secondary Weapon: 12.7mm Pistol / Li’l Devil

Melee Weapon: Baseball Bat

Armour: Lightweight Leather Armour Hat: Pre-War Baseball Cap

Suggested |S | P | E | C | I | A | L | |2 | 5 | 3 | 9 | 4| 9| 8 |

Suggested Traits: Fast Shot + Small FrameSuggested Skills: Barter, Guns, Melee Weapons, and Speech

Bonus Requirements: * Jump. Always. At every opportunity * Collect as many bottles of B̶o̶n̶k̶ Nuka-Cola Quantum/ Quartz / Victory as you possibly can. * The Scout is the coolest class. Obviously he could show the Kings a thing or too. Join them and make them Idolize you.

And here’s the Spy, who is probably my favourite and easily the most, um, involved option you could try to role-play:

Primary Weapon: Any Revolver Variant

Melee Weapon: Any Knife Variant

Armour: Well-Heeled Gambler Suit Headgear: Lobotomite Mask

Suggested |S | P | E | C | I | A | L | |6 | 7 | 3 |10| 6| 5| 3 |

Suggested Traits: Skilled

Suggested Skills: Guns, Lockpick, Melee Weapons, Science, Sneak, and Speech

Bonus Requirements: * The spy needs his invis watch! Horde Stealth Boys and use them well! * The spy also needs his Disguise Kit! Grab every piece of faction armour you can and use them to your advantage! * Finally, the spy has a sapper for those pesky sentries. Take the Robot Expert perk to deactivate them. * Just like the Pyro, the man behind the mask must remain a mystery. Kill anyone who sees you without it!

The others are fun too. You (probably) know the drill: the Demoman’s a drunk, the Sniper eats squirrels, and the Pyro exists in a happy bubble rainbow world on the inside that looks a lot like a weeping pustule of scorched earth on the outside. Delightful.

I really like this idea on the whole though — role-playing as characters from one game in another very, very different one. Have you tried this kind of worlds-collide setup in any other games? Tell me your stories! I FEED ON THEM.


  • Somebody should do a fallout run based on a movie
    Maybe a Tom Hanks movie
    A run based on a movie where the character runs
    Maybe a Tom Hanks movie

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