Far Cry 4's Worst Animals

Far Cry 4's Worst Animals

The creatures of Far Cry 4 make up a rich and varied ecology, largely split into two groups — things that run towards you, and things that run away. And elephants, which are amazing. In fact, the only problem with elephants is that once you start riding one, you have to stop eventually.

There's a specific subset of the 'animals that run towards you' group, however, that specialise in making your life a painful misery. And we're not talking about the bears, tigers or wolves here. Those things are obvious dangers. Fire pointy metal sticks in a rhino's face and he (she?) is going to take deep personal offence.

The larger predators do at least have the decency to be big and easy to shoot. Not the greatest comfort when a tiger comes barrelling out of the forest, but at least everyone's clear on the issues you're about to face. No, the real problems are the little creatures that surprise you with unexpected aggression, a high resistance to dying, or, mainly, just being such a pain in the arse.

Here are the three main offenders.

Honey Badgers

This is how every honey badger introduction goes: "ha, look at that little guy bouncing around. You're almost too cute to kill, and what possible harm could a tiny... OH JESUS WHY WON'T IT DIE! GETITOFFME." Even after those first few savagings, that little comedy bounce and bark makes it hard to take seriously as a threat.

Eventually, though, you learn.

Far Cry 4's Worst Animals

The first stage of this education is an instant panic that sets in whenever you hear that barking - spinning around to point your largest gun at all the bushes that might be hiding the source. Then, it's a slow process of experimentation to find out what it actually takes to kill the thing.

Bullets? Poor choice.

Far Cry 4's Worst Animals

Fire? It doesn't care.

Far Cry 4's Worst Animals

C4? Bingo.

Far Cry 4's Worst Animals

Send that thing to God in a fine mist.


Very nearly the worst living thing in the game. Not because it's dangerous. Not because it should be feared. But simply because of its surprise attacks. One minute, it's all happy mountains and 'look at my elephant', next, this thing rushes up to your face with an expression that says "you weren't doing anything were you?".

Far Cry 4's Worst Animals

Sneaking up on a base? EAGLE! Carefully tracking the last skin you need for a bigger bag? EAGLE! About to fight a honey badger? EAGLE! Then HONEY BADGER !

There's a reason the locals shout its name whenever they see one — it's so you know when to empty every single weapon you have into the sky.

Kicking eagles in the face? Hugely satisfying.

Far Cry 4's Worst Animals


Aholes, ammirite? Because they attack in packs, these little fox things are just a chore to face. They're not hard to kill and don't really pose a threat but, because they come at you in groups, they're just a nuisance. Like small furry children that won't stop badgering you for attention. They're one of the more common animals as well, so often trot up while you're in the middle of something else.

Far Cry 4's Worst Animals

That little whooping cry doesn't fill me with dread, just the sinking realisation that I'm about to spend a few tedious minutes shooting at my feet while running backwards. Truly, these are the dicks of the dog world.

And, finally...

This Precise Wolf

I was trying to help.

Far Cry 4's Worst Animals
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    I'm on the home straight with FC4, 30/32 story missions and STILL haven't been attacked by these infamous honey badgers ... plenty of eagles though.


      What about the Unique Honey Badger you have to kill for final upgrades to your gear?

        Is that one of the 'hunting' challenges? It mustn't be a 'Campaign' task - I've just smashed Radio Towers and Story Missions, I'll do a trophy clean-up after that.

          Yeh man, you should do those quests for the upgrades, good upgrades

    I got attacked by a crocodile!
    I didnt even know they were in the game!

    Last edited 27/11/14 11:42 am

      I remember my first croc attack in FC3, like you I didnt know they existed, had to change my pants.

        This!.. I remember innocently jumping off a waterfall early in the game for fun then.. BAM! CROCODILE! I didn't have to change my pants but i did have to go and get them.. scared them clean off that attack!

          Similar experience for my first time in FC3... Was getting hounded by a pack of monitor lizards decided to run and jump of cliff into a river below... Suddenly a bastard croc grabs me and I jumped out of my chair, managed to get the button mash to stab it and escape, crawl up the bank out the river look up and BAM! fucking tiger starts chewing my face off. I died, but was pretty happy about it because it was one of the most exciting adrenaline packed moment of unscripted craziness I've ever had in a video game.

      lucky you! the only time i've only seen one in FC4 was after i hijacked a bell tower, and one of the locations it revealed showed a woman getting pulled into the water by a croc!

      In FC3 I was doing the mission where you gotta skin the albino crocodile. Couldn't find it in the reeds. They weren't reeds. They were the crocoFUC...

      Happened twice in a row. Never been a quick learner.

    Those God dam Honey Badgers I seem to get them spawn allot its fine when I need there pelts but otherwise they are just a pain

    Honey badgers: the modern version of the veliociraptor

      Thankfully they are a little short for opening doors hehe

      But they might work as a team to build a badger ladder up to the door handle!

    That is an uncommonly aggressive species of eagle they have in Kryat. I'm honestly surprised that human civilization was able to take hold in such an environment. With this kind of shit going on, I would have expected the people there to be more like the terrified savages on Skull Island in King Kong.

    Last edited 27/11/14 12:32 pm

    lol I thought the annoying Honey Badgers was more like a joke in this game, but aparently they really are crazy fuckers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r7wHMg5Yjg

      Damn, that little shit is invincible. I hate you honey badger.

    The dholes and eagles are super annoying. I feel like I am very specifically targeted by tigers and rhinos. I swear, anytime I try to creep or sneak anywhere BAM.

      Yeah, dholes and eagles are my two main points of irritation with the game. It's more to do with just how many of them there are. I wouldn't object if Ubisoft wanted to tweak a couple of numbers in their next patch to slightly reduce the number of times you encounter them.

    And just in case the honey badger isn't terrifying enough in FC4, here's a little light reading to ensure you show them the proper and correct amount of fear.


    You forgot the worst animal of all : Man.

      FarCry 4: The ultimate 'hunt endangered species for their pelt' simulator.

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