Fight Between Batman And Darth Vader Ends Exactly The Way It Should

Fight Between Batman And Darth Vader Ends Exactly The Way It Should

It’s the kind of thing fans have argued about for ages: Could the Dark Knight take down the Dark Lord of the Sith?

The newest video from the Super Power Beat Down web series — which pits heroes and villains from different fictional universes against each other — has the guy who used to go by Anakin Skywalker facing off against Bruce Wayne in a duel to the death. If you’re mad about the ending of this clash, you should know that the outcomes are decided by vote before these fan films are shot.

One question: don’t you need to be Force-sensitive to wield a lightsaber? Of course, a man of Batman’s means could just buy a transfusion of midichlorians or something, if some convenient plot point doesn’t already make him a latent Force wielder.


  • General Grievous was never said to be force sensitive and he wielded 4. Also Batman would totally, no way he would have gone in without some method to completely neutralise Vader’s force abilities and I don’t think he would bend his rules about killing just for Vader

  • Lightsabers do not require force sensitivity. It’s just that wielding one without it means you are more likely to chop of your own limbs than someone else’s.

    To be fair though, most people who have been taught to wield a sword correctly should be able to do it,providing they account for the lack of weight in the blade vs a traditional weapon.

  • The right result, but surprised that Batman didn’t invent a device that could sever Darth Vader from the force. That would have ended the fight pretty quickly. Arguable whether Batman could have invented such a device without the assistance of a force user though.

  • I reckon Batman would be a latent force user. His reflexes and intelligence seem like similar traits to what Anakin was displaying in the pod races.
    I’d also think that Batman’s trick in the video with the pulse knocking out Vader’s suit would have done a better job. Knocking it out entirely instead of merely disabling it temporarily. Or even electrifying the entire thing, paralysing Vader’s robotic parts (basically most of him).
    In then end though, Batman’s reluctance to kill Vader entirely might have been his downfall, so I can accept the result even if I don’t agree with some of the video’s methods.

  • As Xasrai said, you don’t need to be force sensitive to use a light saber. Remember when Han Solo used Luke’s to open up the Tauntaun on Hoth so he didn’t freeze to death?

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