Finished Alien: Isolation? Give Alien Versus Predator Classic 2000 A Go

Alien: Isolation delivered where Colonial Marines failed, but if you've been hankering for a more visceral, action-orientated experience in the Alien universe, you could always take a trip back in time and fire up the most venerable title based on the franchise: Alien Versus Predator. It even has a "Classic 2000" edition that makes it compatible with modern operating systems.

As the description over at GOG explains, this version of the game comes with everything from the Gold Edition and Millennium expansion. It's also been brought up to speed with support for DirectX 9.0c and if for some reason you want to play it with a gamepad, it'll happily cooperate with an Xbox 360 controller.

The game is on sale at both GOG and Steam, though the latter store has it for slightly cheaper (depending on how forgiving your bank is about exchange rates and forex fees).

While GOG's offering it for $3.49, Steam has it for $US2.49 (or $2.93 in Australian dollars). Both prices are discounted by 50 per cent. As to which store to purchase it from, I'll leave that decision in your hands!

Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000 [Steam] ALIENS VERSUS PREDATOR CLASSIC 2000 [GOG]


    Multiplayer is where it really shines but, alien penis to the face.

    I played this a lot back in secondary school during break periods. Many fun times were had in multiplayer with my mates. I picked it up again just recently when GOG were giving it away for free and tried to get back into it, but it really hasn't aged all that well. The save system is especially balls - 3 saves total and then you have to start from the beginning. That's across all difficulty levels too, not just the hardest one.

      How's that - you can only save 3 times, or there's only 3 save slots?

      I also grabbed it from GOG when they gave it away, but haven't had a chance to get to it yet.

        u could only save total of 3 times, it's artificial difficulty. but now that's been changed to unlimited

    I remember this :) Good times playing Predator.

    After all the patches on colonial marines it wasn't that bad, played it before I played wolfenstein new order and we'll colonial marines wins.
    Isolation was a damned good game, but near the end it seemed either a competition of how many plot twists they can throw in before people get bored or just making the game longer when they ran out of plot.
    Back on topic, no mention of the award winning voice acting in avp?

    Last edited 01/12/14 10:04 am

    myself and a few mates used to play a lot of AVP 2, granted we always thought that the Predator was fairly OP with his throwing discs and plasma caster but it was always good fun sneaking up on people and scaring the hell out of them with face huggers

    I also recommend Iron Helix if you can find it, its from 1993, lots of similarities, really, this game feels like it's in the DNA of Alien: Isolation.

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