Fixing Far Cry 4's Annoying Intros (On PC)

Fixing Far Cry 4's Annoying Intros (On PC)

The PC version of Far Cry 4 launches with around 117 unskippable splash screens, subjecting the user to all kinds of ridiculous Far Cry branding (and that of supporting companies). After a while it becomes a hassle, but it's OK, you can get rid of them.

As RPS point out, you can just use the same (or similar) workaround you can for other games with the same problem (Civ V used to force-load its intro, for example, which became unbearable).

If you bought it on Steam, just right-click on Far Cry 4 in your library, select "launch options" and add -skipintro. If you didn't buy it on Steam, RPS has details on the similar steps you can take.


    FYI you can do this without steam just right click and go to properties on the game shortcut and enter this in the target box with a space after the quotation marks, works with every game in my experience.

    Wow, I mean, I love a good intro maybe a splash screen or two. But a 117?!
    I was about to buy this thing too

      117 was hyperbole just in case you weren't being sarcastic...It's a good 1-2 minutes of 3 or 4 screens only (my internet sarcasm meter is broken).

        It feels like there's about 6, it's kinda ridiculous that it's not skippable.

          Yet we are continually subjected to this virtual beating. it's been an issue since cut-scenes became a thing.

    For many games, e.g. the Arkham series, you can also go into the game's data files and delete/rename the various intro movies. A well programmed game will just move right along if it can't find the file its looking for.

      But this is ubisoft we are talking about here. With a game that, before it was patched, would hang with a black screen rather than safely trap the error and move on if you had a joystick plugged into a USB slot.

      Good tip about the start screen though and will try this out as soon as I can. I'd always find myself checking the HDD light to see if fc4 was actually doing something while showing those 117 stupid intros. Sure sucks spending a fortune on ssd only to have game developers waste all that time saved by having fast ssd.

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