Furious 7. It's A Video Game Disguised As A Movie.

Furious 7 has a new trailer and my lord, this is ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome.

If you like to look at things exploding and cars doing things that cars are not supposed to do, then this is the trailer for you.

The highlight, undoubtedly, is Paul Walker running up a truck that is falling off a cliff and jumps on to a drifting car and grabs onto its spoiler.

Actually that's this movie in a nutshell.

I also love that Michelle Rodriguez only has one expression in this entire trailer and that expression is 'resting bitch face'. Actually I'm renaming it to 'resting badass face'.

Also — Jason Statham is in this? Jesus wept.

This is really a video game disguised as a movie: the mad set-pieces, the insane leaps that make no physical sense. I'm going to watch this.


    I'm not going to watch this.

    I want to see the movie as soon as it comes out without knowing anything about it at all. Cannot wait.

      Yeah, the clip is literally all the best bits of the movie, don't watch it!

        I figured as much. I saw the last one before I ended up seeing any ads for it, and couldn't believe just how much of it they put in there :/

    Holy shit yeah. I kinda lost interest in the series after the third one but man oh man this looks like a really fun watch.

    Also — Jason Statham is in this?

    There's an extra scene after the credits of the last movie that introduces him..

    Th bald guy is the one with only one facial expression. Constipated, but about to blow.

    Did The Rock just flex that arm cast off? Bahahahaha!

    I find it hilarious that this franchise is still going.

      Cash cow's, milk em til even the fist pumping dude bro's hate em, then make one more.

      Fast n Furious, CoD, Transformers all feel like if you've seen one you've seen them all (and too many).

      Last edited 04/11/14 3:25 pm

        Tbh, good luck to them. It’s not really my thing but somebody is getting entertainment out of it.

        Except they arent milking Fast and Furious yet.

        The last 2 films have made over $600 million each with the last film making $788 Million, adding up to $1.2 Billion, which is more money then the First 4 Films made all up, with just 2 films.

        The Reviews for the Last 2 Films have also been ALOT better then the first 4 films. Im talking mostly Positive Reviews.

        So no, how can they be milking the Franchise when people are enjoying it more then ever, and every new film is making more money then the last and its still getting new fans each film.

        You can call it milked when it starts repeating the same thing over and over again, which the last 3 films have proven is not happening.

        A perfect example of milking is CoD.

    I always get annoyed seeing Michelle Rogriguez, she seems to just take herself far too seriously.

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