GameStop's 2014 Black Friday Deals Have Leaked

GameStop's 2014 Black Friday Deals Have Leaked

Let's take a minute to be grateful for Thanksgiving's annual traditions: turkey, football and GameStop's Black Friday deals leaking before they're supposed to go live.

This year's deals include a $US400 PS4 bundle with GTA V and The Last of Us, games like The Evil Within and Madden 15 for $US30 each, and a $US330 Xbox One Assassin's Creed bundle that comes with digital versions of Unity and Black Flag.

Other decent deals: Shadow of Mordor (PS4) for $US30, Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3) for $US20, and some heavily discounted headphones, among many others.

You can check out the full leak (which is 12 pages) over at this Black Friday site. Some highlights:

GameStop's 2014 Black Friday Deals Have Leaked
GameStop's 2014 Black Friday Deals Have Leaked


    Awesome! Let me get right on that... Oh wait that's right we live in Australia not the US

      Maybe Obama secretly annexed us during the G20 ...

        Maybe, but then again maybe we are now part of China, or Tasmania...

          Oh God no ... please ... not Tasmania ...

            But, but we love you!! :'(
            WHY WON'T YOU ACCEPT US!!!?

      It's ridiculous isn't it ! I know we are a small market, but we should not have to pay a quarter of the consoles price every time we want a new game.

      It's a real turn off as a consumer.

      Forza 5 for $29.99? You gotta be kidding me... -_-
      Oh yeah we live in Australia with overpriced BS

    Yay for Black Friday dea...... I mean yay for eb game''s constant sales which are never as cheap as Americas Black Friday deals.

    *checks what country he lives in* Riiiiiight! I forgot. hahaha

    Last edited 18/11/14 7:38 am

    Shameless click-bait.
    Seriously, how hard is it to filter US specific stories? FFS.

      @kotakuinternational pass the word around the office. and filter your shit to make it relevant here in Aus.

      Last edited 18/11/14 9:46 am

    Prepare yourselves:

    Oh God, looking at those prices is so depressing.

      Oh god, yes.

      But don't worry, we'll eventually see those prices when the next, NEXT gen consoles are in store.

      So, 6 years, maybe 10?

    SWEEEEET Cant wait to pop round to my local Gamestop... oh nevermind...

    GameStop must make a mint off ebgames Aus...thanks for reminding us, Kotaku America.

    Considering those are US prices....Not that good. I got the PS4 in Australia for $400.00 and The Last Of Us for 60. If you take into account exchange rates and taxes, I got my stuff $100 cheaper than there "deal".

    Also dammit why will this website not send me confirmation emails for an account :'(

    MS are having a Click Frenzy sale - XBone with 5 games and an extra controller for $500. I'd say that's pretty good value.

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