Get Torchlight Free And The Multiplayer Sequel For $US5

Diablo III finally got its act together, and Path of Exile exists for those after a more old-school hack'n'slash experience, but if you're looking for a compromise (or just another action RPG to clock), Arc Games is currently offering the original Torchlight for zero dollars and the second game at a steep discount.

A post on the Arc Games website has the details, but all you have to do is create an account on its website, sign in and claim your free copy. At this point you'll also be able to grab Torchlight II for $US5 (down from $US20), though you're not required to get Torchlight to take advantage of the deal.

It does mean installing yet another download client onto your PC, but it's certainly not end-of-the-world kind of stuff.

You have until US Sunday to get your free copy (and/or purchase the sequel for $US5), so you might want to cash in (so to speak) sooner rather than later.

Torchlight Free For A Limited Time On Arc! [Arc Games]


    TL2 will probably be available for about that during the steam Xmas sales.

    The multiplayer for Torchlight 2 has never properly worked either. Constant sync problems make it near unplayable with friends. Might be something worth looking into before making a purchase.

      Me and a friend bought it on release and subsequently clocked it without any issues whatsoever. O.o

      Last edited 30/11/14 1:24 am

    "It does mean installing yet another download client onto your PC"
    Honestly? Just buy it on GOG. Easy, done.

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