GTA Online Character Transfer Fix On The Way

Briefly: In response to player complaints about not being able to bring over last-gen GTA Online characters to new-gen GTA V, Rockstar is deploying a patch for to address a GTA Online character transfer problem. PlayStation platforms will be getting the patch today, with an Xbox version to follow tomorrow.


    I'm on the Xbone and i had no issues transferring,in fact i thought it was pretty smooth

      Same. I set up the transfer, went and played 1 mission (I think it was Franks first Tanisha mission), checked online and it was done.

      Apparently it only affects accounts that haven't played in 2014, so I'd assume that's why your's still worked. (I didn't realise it's been that long since I played it, damn..)

    I cant get any populated servers to play on? NAT type is 2. Have forwarded ports etc. Anyone else have this issue on ps4?

      Whoop forget it todays patch fixed it! Anyone wanting to play add me, username Weresmurf

        i think you're already on my friends list on PS4? had same issue yesterday, unpopulated servers. figured people are prob playing through the story.... decided id do the same.

          Think I am yeah. Update today fixed the issue. Already killed a few idiots and shot a plane out of the sky lmao

            so im guessing ammunation got a healthy dose of the $500,000 cash injection, in exchange for a rocket launcher?

    My boyfriend imported his character on PS4 without any issues. Well, the dude was still ugly, but that wasn't their fault. I do like the greater level of customisation a lot.

      I know right?!
      I went from looking somewhat like myself to looking like a small Malaysian man who looked like he was wearing eye shadow

    I had no problem, but then again getting it a day before the US in Australia prob helped a lot.
    By 8pm last night everything went to crap connection wise

    I am one of the unlucky ones where my PS3 --> PS4 transfer didn't work.

    Turns out, if you haven't logged in to GTAO in 2014, that was the problem.
    Current patch supposedly fixes the problem, will find out after work.

      Hi did the patch work for you I am still having problems transferring to next gen

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