GTA: SA’s Latest Patch Dumps Music Tracks, Adds Controllers And Angers Players

GTA: SA’s Latest Patch Dumps Music Tracks, Adds Controllers And Angers Players

GTA V is getting appropriately shiny for its release on PC and next-now-current-gen console. However, Rockstar’s also been paying attention to older instalments, particularly Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which just received a controversial PC patch that gives controller support with one hand, and takes a bunch of songs with the other.

A user by the name of “madjoki” on NeoGAF managed to find a list of songs missing from the update:

Bounce FM 04. You Dropped A Bomb On Me (The Gap Band).ogg 09. Yum Yum (Fat Back).ogg 16. Running Away (Roy Ayers).ogg

K-DST 01. Running Down A Dream (Tom Petty) 03. Woman to Woman (Joe Cocker)

K-Jah Radio West 03. Ring My Bell (Blood Sisters).ogg 04. Don’t Let It Go To Your Head (Black Harmony).ogg

Master Sounds 98.3 01. Express Yourself (Charles Wright) 06. Rock Creek Park (The Blackbyrds) 08. Funky President (James Brown) 09. Grunt (The J.B.’s) 12. Soul Power 74 (Maceo And The Macks) 17. The Payback (James Brown)

Playback FM 10. Critical Breakdown (Ultramagnetic MCs)

Radio Los Santos 02. I Don’t Give A Fuck (2Pac) 07. Express Yourself (NWA)

Radio X 07. Hellraiser (Ozzy Osbourne) 08. Killing In The Name (Rage Against The Machine)

Going by user reports on the Steam forums, it also sounds like the latest patch breaks mod support and while community hubs on the digital distributor have never been the best forums to dwell, the outrage there is real.

The top post is sensationally titled “Civil lawsuit incoming”.

STEAM | September 2014 [NeoGAF and Steam, via Reddit]


  • Was just about to download this as I had the urge to play again, now with the missing songs I don’t want to!

  • Yep cancelled that update.

    I have found that when using a 360 controller via a 360toPS3 USB adapter I can use all the buttons and sticks in this game anyway.

    • They’re perfectly within their rights in this instance, companies shouldn’t be able to take things away from people after a purchase on a whim. This isn’t some release where licenses would have to be re-negotiated, it’s a patch of an existing product. It’s the digital equivalent of coming into your house and replacing your PS2 copy of the game with a new disk with the old content removed.

      • So worth a lawsuit because a few songs got patched out? Everyone should have better things to do with their time.

        • This sets a precedent where a publisher or developer can delete content consumers legally own (through a software update) that has wider reaching effects than the video games industry. If left uncontested, it opens the doors to potentially more damaging examples of this conduct in which more than “just a few songs” get patched out.

          • But we don’t own the game, we pay for a licence to play the game, the only thing we legally own is the disc and the box it comes in.

          • So you’d be fine with it if a level of a game got deleted because you only had a licence rather than ownership?

      • While I find it disappointing the game has had songs removed, couldn’t it also have something to do with licensing restrictions? I mean Rockstar North owe us an explanation but what if it’s due to DMCA

        • It may have, but never in the history of any other game with licensed content has said content been removed from the game post release. The fact remains that it’s absurd that a company can gut a product that someone paid for years after said purchase. Should I expect to pop in a copy of Die Hard on Blu-ray only to have the end scene’s use of “Let it Snow” removed using BD-Live?

          • New version of the game, completely understandable. There was no prior version of that game on mobile for them to gut.

  • Don’t complain to Rock*, complain to the music distributors. I guess they either took back permission or the license was restricted to a certain time period.

  • Massive dick move, lets ignore the fact that the steam version lacks 1080 support even tho the launch 1.0 version did and they never fixed that either. They also still have not removed GFWL from GTAIV on steam even tho the service no longer exists making that game unplayable aswell. Rockstar have rocks in their heads if they think that they haven’t generated enough bad will from pc gamers to get their game pirated in mass by pc gamers that would usually happily pay their games from steam. (I’m generally not a pirate, my steam account has 600 games on it, But theres no way in hell Rockstars getting my money again and no way in hell I’m missing out on gta5)

  • Technically, they have broken the law. You paid for the rights to those songs when you purchased the game. I can understand if they didn’t renew the rights to music that they would need to remove the songs, but that would only effect future purchases. Forcing this onto old purchases is unlawful. Thankfully it is easy to rectify if you have a backup. Which is the lesson here. Backup your shit.

    • You paid for the rights to those songs when you purchased the game.

      No, Rockstar paid for the rights to the songs during development, you are paying for a licence to play that game.

      Nothing Rockstar has done is illegal, a massive dick move but not illegal.

    • You can turn off automatic updates for certain games by right clicking it and going into properties and the updates tab. Just hopefully you get do it before it updates 😛

      • Yeah, I was looking at it yesterday, but the three options available are :

        Always keep this game updated
        Only update this game when I launch
        and High Priority, update this game before others.

        I was sure there was a disable option at one point. It’s no biggie as I have a dvd copy I bought way back when. If I get desperate, I’ll have to go hunt it down. It’s just a shame something like this happens and you don’t get much of a say in preventing the patch if you have issues with it.

  • Everyone relax, you can easily put the music back by putting in the old files back into the directory, i did this with the iOS version which was a port of the PC version. Remember, R* pulled Vice City off of steam altogether due to music licencing issues, so it was probably easier to just cut the songs than to pull the entire game.

    Modding isn’t dead, it kills current mods but it is doubtful that it has killed all modding altogether. old mods would need to be updated or redeveloped to work with the new version which considering how old the game is, they’re might not be very many modders left that are still making mods for this, don’t forget the game is 10 years old.

    Edit, reading comments on here and Steam it’s no wonder R* treats the PC fanbase with utter contempt, acting like R* came to our houses and pissed in our cornflakes.

    • People should relax… because they can jump through hoops to restore something that they took away? Yep, that’s sensible. People totally shouldn’t hold anyone accountable or be frustrated with idiotic legal frameworks.

  • My mate from work is a GTA nut, he has just finished 100%ing GTA3 and Vice City and was telling me just a couple of days ago how he was going to make a start on San Andreas… I’m really looking forward to seeing his reaction when I tell him this tomorrow at work 😛

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