GTA V's First-Person Driving In Chaotic GIFs

GTA V's First-Person Driving in Chaotic GIFs

First-person shooting and driving are coming to Grand Theft Auto V with the game's re-release. And if these GIFs are anything to go by, it's going to be great.

As pointed out on webforum NeoGAF, someone, it seems, has been streaming GTA V. GAF user Dreamlock made GIFs from the footage. The GIFs are spreading around Western websites and bulletin boards. Even Japanese bulletin board 2ch is getting excited about GTA V's new first-person view. For good reason! This looks hella fun.

GTA V's First-Person Driving in Chaotic GIFs
GTA V's First-Person Driving in Chaotic GIFs
GTA V's First-Person Driving in Chaotic GIFs

Grand Theft Auto V hits the Xbox One and PS4 on November 18. It will be out on PC on January 27. Check out the GAF thread for more GIFs!

Someone is streaming GTA V on PS4 [NeoGAF]

Picture: Dreamlock


    Driving high speed is already like playing bumper cars, ramp up the difficulty with first person mode.

    I'll have it on in on foot mode and have it third person in cars and rag dolling.

    The only bad thing i can see with this is the exploding fuel tanks. In first person it would be harder to control the car as fluently as in third.

      TBH, there really is no down side to this, as it is optional.

    This looks awesome - I'll be staying in first person, it will be like Far Cry in Los Santos.

    I played the heck out of San Andreas but failed to get into GTA 4, and skipped GTA V on initial release. I wasn't even thinking about it for next gen until the news of first person camera.

    Really looking forward to going back to Los Santos. My copy should arrive in time for the weekend. Hopefully Rockstar haven't Ubisoffed it and the launch isn't too buggy.

    On console (xbox one) ill be playing entirely 3rd person, but on PC i'll first person the hell out of it. :)

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