GTA V’s Franklin Is A Lonely Man

GTA V’s Franklin Is A Lonely Man

All the guy wanted was a drink with a buddy. Trevor’s rejection was the last straw.

This golden little moment of derpy GTA V AI behaviour comes from YouTuber BustedHead who, playing as Trevor, came across Franklin by a gas station. After declining Franklin’s offer for a drink, things went a bit crazy. Take a look:

Trevor doesn’t want to hang out [BustedHead@YouTube, via r/GrandTheftAutoV]


  • Firstly, wow I didn’t know that could happen (driving past other people like that) secondly HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Okay, no problem dawg, see you soon…. BOOM!!!
    Hahahahahahahaha… Hahahahaha… Hahahaha hmmmm.

  • Is the ability to run into other characters only in the updated versions or have they always been there?

    I know that the other characters can kill you if you follow them to closely after you split up post missions -happened to me because heard a rumour about it.

  • The only thing missing from this, would be to try and attempt to phone Franklin to see if he answered post event…

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