Guess Who's Not Playing Warlords Of Draenor Tonight

Guess Who's Not Playing Warlords Of Draenor Tonight

Briefly: In an effort to stem issues caused by lots of people trying to get to the expansion content at once, Blizzard has lowered the server live population caps. For someone on one of the most populous servers in the game, that pretty much means no.


    That is Frostmourne at the moment for us, and barth is a close second

      Aman'Thul & Khaz'Goroth are the same as well. Apparently Blizz has limited server pop atm to reduce any issues.. Which are plentiful currently :P

        Same story on Caelestrasz/Nagrand, estimated time is currently 118 min and it just keeps going up :(

          I had an ETA of 850 minutes last night with about 3000 people in front of me haha.

            850? Well aren't you lucky...I think at one point when it was particularly slow my estimate went to several days. XD

              Haha, that's amazing. But after the maintenance Saturday night it's been smoothing sailing for me, only a small queue for me yesterday. Awesome expansion so far, maybe i'll get to 100 tonight :P

          Yeah, was 3000+ half an hour ago Cael. 2500 now,, with time fluctuating from 120 to 300 minutes haha. Time to catch up on some shows.

        I had a pretty small wait to get on to Aman'Thul. That was around mid day though, so it might have jumped up when people got home from work/school.

          Yeah haha. I've just gone to log on to Khaz, 2200 people in front of me with an estimated time of 411 minutes heh.

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      I waited about 8 hours to get in to Frostmourne, and just when there were 80 people in the queue my modem died....ppphhhhffffwwwwwwooooooooaawawwwwW!!!!! GGGRRR!!!!! *the following scenes of rage have been removed for their extreme graphic violence*

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    Yeah it's pretty pathetic the way they've handled it. Don't understand how they haven't figured out how to do overflow servers while you queue during these events, I mean it's only been a decade and four expansion packs.....

      This. I couldnt even queue for Frostmourne last night and the one time I did I was disconnected after an hour of waiting in line.

      Server limits have been reduced to limit the impact of the DDOS attack that is currently happening. Blizzard is trying their best,

        Come on mate...they earn hundreds of millions of dollars a year from that game, I'm sure they could employ people to outsmart the script kiddies.

          "I did a quick Google search, therefore i know more than Network Technicians" - @justice logic

          Also thats protection for a website, complete different network structure than a gaming network

            Huh? Actually the company I work for uses Cloud Flare, but thanks for your valuable input.

            Point is the technology exists for avoiding the 4chan level LOIC DDoS attacks Blizzard were being subjected to.

              Do you have proof the attacks were script kiddies using LOIC? Having seen pictures showing the attack, This was bigger than a couple of kids using LOIC

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      Sounds like they are looking into this exact solution you're talking about:

      ""To address the queues for these realms we are currently working on expanding the instancing tech we deployed earlier which allowed for additional copies of Draenor. We are currently testing these improvements with the goal of deploying this tech more widely," community manager Naethera wrote. "To ensure the best possible in-game experience for players this implementation will require additional oversight and testing. We will be carefully scrutinising and adjusting these modifications throughout the day to ensure that we don't introduce additional stability and performance issues."

    Must be nice to pay to get to queue for hundreds of minutes and then get kicked!

    Actually I am surprised... they came out and said part of the fault lies in a DDOS attack. Man, usually when a company admits they are under attack, their websites dies/network is dead (ie Playstation)... they are still rolling, but they are chugging on the instance server swapping sections.

    So their solution to people having trouble playing is making it harder for people to play?
    Are they taking pointers from Bungie or something?

      It does make some sense.

      Better to have 6000 people in queue while 4000 play than to have 3000 in queue while 7000 can't play because of stability issues.

    All my friends were like, "Transfer to Barth. A few people already have characters on there."
    I told them about free transfers amongst Oceanic servers. They were like, "Nah man, let's all just be on Barth. It's Horde-heavy so you don't have to worry about ganks. It'll be fine..."
    Now I'm currently 1104 in queue with an 88 minute estimated wait. Oh, and I've been trying to log in since 11am Perth time and it's now 2:30...

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      Me and my friends all transferred off Frostmourne while they were doing free transfers.

      I am very glad I did! The queues there are insane.

        Have a friend that left his characters on Frostmourne. He is MAJORLY regretting it now.

      Your doing it wrong, You should transfer to FM because its alliance heavy. Only the weak/bad transfer to a server that their own faction dominates.

        Well I'm not much of a PvP nut. Before this transfer I only played on PvE servers.
        As for my friends, the main reason they chose Barth is to be on a PvP server with the most diverse Auction House. This is on top of the fact that a few in our group were already on Barth already.
        I just followed my friends to where our group majority voted (out of 30+ people).

    I tried for a while and my position in the queue just seemed to go up. For the first few minutes, I thought it was just taking it's time calculating the size of the queue but after leaving it for an hour I went from 300th to 500th.

      I don't understand that.. how can you go UP in a queue? Are people able to jump ahead of you somehow?

      I haven't played since the middle of Cata, but I made a trial account a couple of days ago to check out the changes. I was 1000 in queue, then 1300 then 1500. Then I just didn't bother.
      Good to see Blizz have sorted out their Xpac launches!

    anyone know how Jubie'thos is?

    hoping to play once i get home

    I'm a main on Barth, but I'm rerolling on Saurfang, queue is 1/3 of the size (for now).

    Jubei queue is just over 1000, took just over an hour to get in just now.

    Haha. Went from 3500, down to 400... Got disconnected. Back to 3500. But there's a maintenance window tonight, hopefully it will help things.

      Yeah polished game and engrossing but just another reason not to bother continuing with it.

    Me! Because downtime starts the second I get home from work :'(

    As a side note I never got any queues logging into Khaz'goroth today..Maybe just got lucky. Had a two hour queue logging on after launch but well that's launch :P

    10 years later and they still can't handle expansion pack/major patch influx. Why am I not surprised blizzard.

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