Guy Can’t Stop Laughing At How Buggy The Remastered Halo Games Are

Guy Can’t Stop Laughing At How Buggy The Remastered Halo Games Are

Since the launch of 343’s remastered Halo: The Master Chief Collection, many players have been reporting a laundry list of issues.

Some of those, when players can actually connect to the multiplayer servers, include matches with skewed teams. You can see an example of that in the video above, where player BingeGaming dotTV connects to a Coagulation map (the big map meant for vehicles and snipers, mostly) for a… four versus six match. And he can’t stop laughing about it. As Halo players will tell you, the 100 kill-count and assault rifle default starting weapon are not the norm for this kind of round.

343 is already aware of a handful of the issues players have been experiencing — including this one — and is working to investigate/fix them just a day after the collection has launched.

I haven’t played the campaigns since the last patch that 343 issued, and so I have personally never experienced the campaign-related bugs some players are facing, but I’m not alone. It seems to be hit or miss as to who is struggling through with what bugs.

We’ll keep you posted on how things progress for the Halo collection.

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  • I think this guy having a case of the giggles is funny and all (Its infectious and I started laughing along) but I think what would be funny is seeing the results of that game and if the 4 player team schooled the 6 player team anyways and got the win. Who’s laughing now! Huh funny boy?!

    • There’s actually a point where the team with less players actually has the advantage. Because the opposition has less targets to kill. On a map like Coagulation i’d argue that it’s so large the team would become spread out and the whole greater numbers thing would become irrelevant. If the players on the 4 team were good enough, the 6 guys would actually be disadvantaged by being more numerous.

  • It sounded like he was getting a pretty mean BJ during that video.

    Then I remember what he is doing and confirm he is not getting a BJ.

  • Why are game companies allowed to release products that do not work as advertised out of box? the last time i tired to complain to the ACCC about steam not giving you a choice of whether you update on install (11Gb of patches for a total war game was ridiculous) I was told there was little they could do, yet if microsoft tried to force you to do updates before their products worked not just activation they would face penalties, do we have to rely on europe to do anything, they seem unlikely to with the population density for supercheap internet. I can’t afford to pay the ongoing costs for broadband at the moment and things are limited where I live anyway meaning the cheapest options are not available. I’ve been a hardcore PC gamer for nearly 30 years and I’ve been screwed over sooo many times by game companies with games being so broken they do not work until patched and our government still acts like gaming is a passing fad not a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry. Sorry just frustrated after buying Divinity OS

    • It sits squarely under ‘Not fit for purpose’ and under the Trade Practices Act would have to be withdrawn from sale until it was so.
      I’m filing.

  • Funnily enough, I can’t stop crying re Halo.
    How the Fu*# does a company with resources like Microsoft, with a closed sytem like the XBone fuck it up so badly.
    Seriously, how does it happen?

    The billion GB day one patch was bad enough, but then after the 2.5 days to download it, I can’t play multiplayer and [email protected]#^%&@&%^@$&^@#

    • They should have just released Halo 2 Anniversary, on both consoles (even though I’m personally against it). More time and resources put towards the game instead of splitting it between 4 games.

      CRAZY CONSPIRACY TIME! They were so proud of Halo 4 and think the only reason why most people don’t love it is because they didn’t have enough time with it. So just like with the re-release of Halo 4 last year, they wanted to re-release it again with Halo 2 to get more people to play it! But that would be too obvious, so they decided to hide in behind the ‘Master Chief story’ and include Halo 1 and 3.

      …oh god, I just realised. Halo 4 released 3 years in a row. How come nobody has called them out on this?

      • If they just released Halo 2 remastered, I would be playing it now. I don’t want to buy 4 halo games. I’ve bought halo 1 twice now, I didn’t like Halo 4, and the multiplayer doesn’t interest me cause I’ve played nearly 10,000 matched of Halo multiplayer. So I don’t really wanna shell out $$$ for an entire collection so I can play a small fraction of it. I just wanna play halo 2’s remastered campaign.

        If the collection was a true definitive collection, I’m talking Halo Wars, ODST, Reach etc, then you’ve got a deal for me, all the halo games in one box. But having a last-gen remake of 2-gen old halo 1, a fully remastered 2-gen old halo 2, a slightly better last gen Halo 3 and 4 … it’s a kind of Frankenstein of a product that’s missing some key elements.

        I guess there’ll be another one for the Halo 3 anniversary.

        • The only reason there would be a Halo 3 anniversary is if there’s no other Halo game coming out that year. Microsoft has really been focused on delivering a new Halo game each year to keep up with Call of Duty, otherwise there will be a 2 year gap between games. It’s why we got Halo 4 again last year, because they had nothing else to give us.

  • At least on PC there would already be people working on mods to fix those bugs but since the game is on the x86 architecture apparently that doesn’t mean that a PC version will be done

  • I haven’t had any issues with campaign, but also haven’t been able to get one game of pvp big team (the only mode I’ve tried to get a game in).

  • Has this guy not ever played a multiplayer game before? this shiz happens all the time… you just deal with it and keep playing.

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