Hell Is Eight People Playing As Little Mac In Smash Bros

Hell Is Eight People Playing As Little Mac In Smash Bros

You’ve probably seen eight-player Smash Bros matches already. Let me show you what is bound to happen once you’ve been playing Smash with friends for a few hours, and everyone has become open to doing terrible, terrible things.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Wii U version of Smash Bros, and while eight-player matches aren’t my thing — I’m more of a one-on-one gal, or 4v4 if need be — they can be pretty entertaining. So far, I’m finding that my friends and I like hopping into matches where everyone picks the same character, just to add to the mayhem and confusion that is Smash Bros. But there’s a point to it, too — you can see who plays the character in question best of all. I think I like this type of wackiness a bit better than most of the options in Special Smash, which can sometimes make matches unplayable if you turn too many options on. (Options include things like perpetual spicy curry or metal characters.)

Here’s a particular match of note, where we all decided to play as Smash Bros‘ most controversial character, Little Mac. I can’t decide if I hated this match or loved it. Maybe a little of both. What I do know is that sheenanigans like this are probably going to be very popular during casual play of Smash.

I’m player one in this match, by the way. Yes, I lost to a whole bunch of bots. 🙁 (But also some humans!) We would have played on Final Destination to make this particularly awful, but unfortunately that’s not an option for eight-player Smash. Why they couldn’t make the flattest stage a little longer beats me, but Battlefield ain’t so bad as a replacement.

I’m particularly a fan of eight-player matches with the same character because the results screen is so goofy, as you can see in the initial GIF on this post. Can you really even clap with gloves? Little Mac can, apparently.

Here’s the results screen for eight Zero Suit Samuses: https://twitter.com/xpatriciah/status/531554334178574339

(Press the little mic button on that vine, for added effect.)

We’re all soooo happy about your win, Samus. Really, great job.

Side-note: part of the reason I’m not so big on 8-player Smash isn’t just because of the chaos. It’s that the camera has to pan out so far, everyone looks like ants. And if I’m playing on the TV, I’d like to be able to see everyone clearly — unlike the 3DS, where everyone is also really tiny. Still, I predict eight-player Smash will be popular anyway.


  • I sort of like the idea of having two players fighting while fending off a team of CPU players. Is there any way to sort them into teams so they don’t fight each other?

    • Sure, there’s 3 teams, red, blue and green that you can assign people to. So if you wanted you could even have you and your friend on separate teams against the AI horde (and each other!)

      Can also turn friendly fire on and of too to make it easier/harder for em.

      • Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Two players fighting each other while six CPU players work together to take them down. Last human standing wins.

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