Here's The Launch Trailer For Grand Theft Auto V On PS4/Xbox One

Here's The Launch Trailer For Grand Theft Auto V On PS4/Xbox One

Hot off Rockstar's presses, this is the launch trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, which comes to PS4 and Xbox One next week (and to PC in January).

This current-gen version of GTA V, which is out November 18, will come not only with fancy new graphics but with a brand new first-person mode that lets you play the whole game from a different perspective.

See anything that looks new in there, other than the graphical bump?


    Damn it, I already own this game on 360, and I didn't even enjoy it all that much. But these guys do such good trailers that I almost want to pick it up again.

      Yeah. I've barely touched it on 360 and I've got a million other games to play right now yet I still feel like I'm going to pick this up.

        I've hardly touched it since finishing the story and also have a heap of other games to finish, but preordered after seeing the video of first-person mode the other day. Damn you Rockstar.

    That's a slick trailer, everything I've seen so far sells me on it. I loved it on 360 but this looks like the upgrade will be worth it for sure. I guess the reason I don't want it for PC myself, I got tired of hackers on the 360/ps3, they hopefully will have fixed that on xb0/ps4... but on pc, that's gonna be *rampant*.

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      We'll see, VAC is pretty good, I tend to see less modding on Steam games than I do on Xbox Live.

        You've never played DayZ or Rust I'm guessing lol. I've seen an absolute tonne across many games.

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          Yeah played both of em, I've seen them, but like I said, less common than on 360. On GTAO I play almost every night for a few hours and I've only ever seen a couple modders on 360.

            Hackers less common on PC than on 360....

            We're gonna agree to disagree on this...

              I'm just saying in my experience I've seen very little chicanery on Steam games, not necessarily consistent with everyones experience, but in my experience and going off previous experience that will probably continue to be 'my experience', even if it's not someone elses :P

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      Grand Theft Auto 5 coming November 18, 2014
      And the long awaited Heists, coming December 10, 2020.

    Still not on the x1 digital store.

      yeah ive noticed that... weird, its been on the ps4 store for aabout a month or 2

    I'd pick this up, but it comes out the same day as Far Cry 4. I do want to play it eventually as I skipped it on PS3 assuming it would eventually come to PS4. Just bad timing.

    I haven't liked GTA since Vice City... hated San Andreas, found GTA 4 a bit meh and didn't even bother with GTA 5 when it first came out.

    Yet I still find myself strangely drawn to this new version of it, even with a bunch of other stuff (PES 2015, Far Cry 4, LittleBigPlanet 3) all coming out at around the same time...

      its quite a revolutionary change... GTAV is so worth your money...

        The problem I found was getting into the game enough to reach those changes. Frankin is like the opposite of what I'd consider a good GTA character. Tommy Vercetti felt in character doing all the stupid stuff I do in these games. However with Franklin even the stuff that the story missions were asking me to do felt out of character.

          Franklin was the odd one out. I got sick of his constant, constant complaining. I thanked god for Michael and Trevor. To be honest, you could've just had the game with Michael and Trevor and it would've lost *nothing*. Franklin in the end, didn't add much to it I thought. Michael was like a more updated, modern, burnt out Tommy Vercetti, a more world weary version and Trevor, well, Trevor was every bad thing in the world wrapped up in a ball of child like innocence sprinkled with a dash of mischief, evil and happiness.

            Yeah. I think there could have been something good in that slot but rather than being a character pulled towards becoming either Micheal or Trevor he came out as just a downer. I'd have fun as Micheal and then switch to Franklin in order to save the towing business of characters I don't even like. Not even in a maniacally over the top way. Drive like a sane person. Go there. Screw around picking the car up. Take it to the lot. That certainly wasn't featured in the pre-release trailers. =P

              UGH THE TOWING MISSIONS... christ I hated those. Oh god, Im gonna have to redo those aren't I :(

          Franklin as @Weresmurf stated was by far the most boring character. Michael - and Trevor ESPECIALLY are phenomenal... i absolutely loved how unpredictable Trevor is... so much fun...

          as dull as franklins character is, he serves a purpose of keeping a sense of balance to the other characters. Push on through, there a pot of gold on the other side!

    Before I watched this trailer (and followed up with some minor googling) I didn't realise that this was a cover

    I took one thing away from this trailer.....GTAV has more dogs.

      If multiplayer has mountain lions and sharks I'm set

        Indeed, multi was sorely lacking animals wasn't it

    For PC, I want a good port, a movie maker with effects, able to set up my own servers, lots of graphics options including multiple monitor support.

      noted.... you will get none of that

        Rockstar already said it will have a movie editor. You won't get to set up your own server, they're handled Rockstars side of things, dedicated too. No idea about multiple monitor support. No idea why you'd need it for a gta game though.

          yeah, i was being a bit of an ass... there is a movie editor, which id expect will appear on ps4 and possibly xbone too, at some point anyway. Not a chance they will let you create your own server, but they will allow you to host private games on their servers at least. as for multi mon support, not likely but ill give modders a couple of days to patch it in....

          would be nice if they supported it by default to avoid issues with memory patchers/file modifications and VAC security.

            Of course, the movie editor won't really be that effective compared to decent software, it'll just be a 'trim, slap together and post to youtube' kinda thing.

            Multi monitor would be cool, like you said, people will mod it within days to do exactly that.

    dude I am so pumped for this, its been a long long long time since I've been truly looking forward to a release. Half the reason I got a ps4.... so worth the wait.

    I try not to double-dip on games, but GTAV on Xbone will let me save replays, play online with 30 people, AND the campaign was fun enough that I'd be happy to play it again too.

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