Hideo Kojima's Game Of The Year Was Made In Melbourne

This story brings a tear to my eye, and it all started with a tweet from the one and only Hideo Kojima.

So, Hideo Kojima states that Framed (by Loveshack, not Liveshack, but we'll forgive you Hideo) is his game of the year. This is all super cool, but what's cooler is what happens afterwards.

When Joshua Boggs, the creator of Framed, found out, he got super excited. Turns out he is a massive Kojima fan. He mentioned to me that this was better than any award or financial return he could possibly have gotten for Framed. He was just so hyped to have Kojima love his game.

And then...

Perhaps even cool, Kojima began retweeting Joshua's messages.

This one is my favourite:

It's... beautiful. A bromance for the ages. But who is Snake and who is Otacon?


    I love Hideo's syntax when writing in English. And this is wonderful encouragement for that dev! Good for them :)

    Hideo would have to be Snake.... In an Otacon disguise!!! ;D

    I have to agree, Framed is my GOTY without question. What a buzz getting the thumbs up from Hideo!

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