How McDonald's McRib Sandwiches Are Made

How McDonald's McRib Sandwiches Are Made

Is it that time of y ear already? Of course it is, I've already had three limited-time only McRib sandwiches since they came back a week or so ago, and there are more in my future. It's probably a good time to find out how they're made.

Responding to a strong detractor of Micky-D's ground pork shoulder sandwich, McDonald's has created another one of their "How It's Made" videos. It's a little staged, but don't worry, I'm sure the pork processing plant looks this clean every single day, and they didn't even need to clean up before showing off the process.

I reviewed the McRib for Snacktaku a couple of years back, and by review I mean compared it favourably to Jesus. Now that I see everything that goes into making me happy for five minutes I appreciate it even more.


    McRib? Sandwich? African Americans?

    Wrong demographic, surely.

    wait, when did the mcrib come back??
    is at only select stores or something? my local doesnt have it

      American post, it's not back in Australia. Remind me how this is pop culture?

        Nerds like McDonald's?

        Short of that I got NO idea.

      is it your first time on the allure media network? get used to copy and paste with no effort for localisation whatsoever. having said that.....I am a sucker for "how its made" videos. fave one - still the vid about how HB pencils are made.

    It did make me really hungry damn it

    Profanity Alert
    The fuck is wrong with McDonalds? You can't call this piece of shit a McRib, it has no bone in it and I don't care how good it tastes, A McRib with no bone? what the hell do you think a rib is?

    Having said that, I do eat my fair share of Maccas but my point still stands.

    Last edited 04/11/14 10:57 pm

      *cough*spare ribs*cough*

        Which is fine in the context of ribs plural and if they were called McRibs my argument would be invalid. However when one talks about a rib, they are talking about the bone.
        Also yes, I am getting indignant about semantics and you needn't take me seriously.

    Jesus Christ, if I was even vaguely thinking about eating a McRib, which I wasn't, I most definitely wouldn't after watching that video.
    Why would they release a video showing how horrible the food is?

      Are you watching the same video as me? Seems the same as any other fast food or microwave meal. Not saying it looks good, but their point was obviously that it isn't as bad as some people think it is.

      Ground pork, salt and some preservatives that includes sugar, yup sounds like every other processed food, the problem is?


      Now whatever you do, DON'T submit a death threat to a female using the #maccasgate... You'll ruin everything...

    So do those hygiene nets come in different sizes for different beards? Is that even what they're called? Beard nets sounds odd, and while they are kinda still hairnets of a sort that doesn't sound right either.

    Never mind the food processing, this video has opened up a whole bunch of new questions for me.

      A snood or beard snood is what they are called. I can't remember if I picked this up doing a Cadbury's factory tour (basically heaven, they don't do them anymore) or when I worked IT for a salmon company (doesn't actually smell bad).

        I had to use one when I toured cadbury in Dunedin, NZ just 13 months ago :)

          You can tour inside the actual factory? See the actual big vats of chocolate and production lines and everything? I was told the Tasmanian one was unique.

          Do they still do samples? The Tassie one did until they got worried about allergies and liabilities etc as they are not labelled products.

        That's pretty cool, that would never have been my guess for a name.

    This looks like the intro cutscene for Abes Odyssey.

    Usa exclusive burger, japan has the exclusive soft drinks, usa has the exclusive burgers & here is why the americans are obese

      The Americans are obese because food is cheap. Fast food is even cheaper. Soft drinks are insane. You pay maybe the same you do here but instead of a regular glass you get a huge glass and your waiter will make sure it is never empty.

    "You know what we are now? We're McRib buddies."
    ............I don't think anyone noticed it was staged right?

      I expected he'd say "We're McRibxperts". The staged bit was lamer than my imagination.

    Stupid repostaku, making me want things that are only available in the US.

    I get it, it's gamer news because we're all blobs of lard shoving junk food in our upper noise hole all the live long day.

    It's sad that Grant and the B-team from Mythbusters got fired and now they have to resort to this.

      Are you sure they were fired? They may be getting hosting duties for a new show. That's what many suspected when it was announced.

      But I'm looking fwd to Mythbusters with more Jamie and Adam.

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