'How Much Can You Eat?' And Other Mildly Frightening Food Facts

One of our biggest eating days is less than a month away, but before we eat all of the things, how much of the things can we really eat? Vsauce3's latest video has the answer to this and a smorgasbord of other eating inquiries.

The average human stomach can hold between three to four litres of stuff, which further explains why I painted the food court with my lunch after chasing it with a two-litre bottle of cherry cola back when I was 15. That and the fact that our bodies are built to reject things that we shouldn't be ingesting, like a two-litre bottle of cherry cola.

But at least I don't have pica, the disorder that causes people to crave and eat non-food items, like dirt and rocks and Jeep Cherokees. Nor will I ever contract kuru, the nervous system disease that's generally contracted by eating human brains.

I've learnt so much already!

So before you sit down for your annual Christmas meal, be sure to replace your traditional fine plates and bowls with a three-litre beaker. Fill it to the top and dig in.


    Check out the Black Swallower fish. It can eat things larger than itself.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_swallower and google image search for some amazing pics and diagrams.

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