How Resident Evil HD Remaster Stacks Up Visually

How Resident Evil HD Remaster Stacks Up Visually

The game isn’t called “HD Remaster” for nothing, you know! The upcoming hi-def version of the 2002 GameCube remake features some really polished graphics.

Below, in images from Capcom Unity, you can compare to see how they stack up!

How Resident Evil HD Remaster Stacks Up Visually
How Resident Evil HD Remaster Stacks Up Visually

According to Capcom Unity, the original images were grabbed via component cables and then cropped to match the widescreen mode. The HD Remaster will also have the original 4:3 mode as an option.

How Resident Evil HD Remaster Stacks Up Visually
How Resident Evil HD Remaster Stacks Up Visually

Capcom should have included the 1996 Resident Evil for an even more dramatic comparison.

Resident Evil HD Remaster will be out in the West on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC early next year.

Next-gen and comparison screens for Resident Evil [Capcom]


    • It was re-released on the Gamecube not long after REmake but not remade in the same way as RE. We can only hope it will happen someday.

      I am really excited for this. REmake was, and still is, one of my favourite games. I’ll be picking this up on the PS4.

    • Man… that was an amazing game at the time. RE2 was what convinced me to buy a PS1 and get back into console gaming after playing on PC for years.

      • I played 2 before 1 back in the day, remember playing it at a friends house first and thinking I HAVE to get this game.

        It may just be me but it seems there could be a market for PS1 games to be prettied up and released as anthologies. Could be a market to fill people’s nostalgia. I know if they released something like PS1 classics discs with a handful of games given a quick make over I’d be all over them. I still go back and play my ps1 games a lot now but sometimes the graphics don’t match up with my memories.

        • I think PS1 is so far back now that prettying them up wouldn’t really cut it. You’d be talking full scale remake / reboot from the ground up rather than just remastering.

      • So would I. Maybe not one of my own toes, but certainly some other person’s toe.

        Hell, I can get you a toe by 3 o’clock this afternoon – with nail polish.

    • They re-released it on Game Cube but it was just the PSX original not a remake as such like Resi 1 got. Thought they used the same engine to make Resident Evil 0 so there are two games with this better engine.

  • It looks like they went into the Dolphin emulator options and turned up the resolution from 640×528 to 2560×2112, then forced 16x anisotropic filtering and per-pixel lighting.

  • Would be good if they also remastered the dodgy controls & fixed camera angels.

    I’d much preferred to see a total from the ground up remake in all honesty, putting it more into the over the shoulder RE4 style. That would mean killing the horror & jump scare elements somewhat but no matter.

    Fixing the awful dialogue would also be a good thing.

    • If they did what you propose, then it would no longer be the same game. They’d be better off making a new RE game altogether, rather than a complete rebuild of REmake, with the same engine used in more recent RE games. Unlike most, I love the camera angles and clunky tank controls.

      I’m on the fence about the dialogue. Whilst it is almost universally panned, it is an iconic feature of the game. It’s so bad it’s amazing.

    • The awful dialogue and tank movement controls are part of the charm for me. While I enjoyed RE4 a hell of a lot, RE1 (and all of the other ones in the same style of play) felt more tense and I felt way more on edge during RE1 than I ever felt in RE4.

  • They need to do the same thing to Resident Evil 2. I love that game and the original has had it done enough,

  • It’s rather a jerk move to take a Gamecube game, remaster it to a higher resolution, and NOT release it to the Nintendo Wii U, specially taking in account that they are releasing it for the past gen machines as well. Pretty much an official statement from Capcom that they are not interested in the Wii U.

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