How The Resident Evil Movie Actors Compare To The Game Characters

How The Resident Evil Movie Actors Compare To The Game Characters

There’s another Resident Evil film in the pipeline for next year. So now is as good a time as any to see how the previous films compare to the games.

While not brand new, the image below was recently uploaded to 2ch, Japan’s largest internet forum. It’s an excellent look at how the film actors stack up against the original game characters.

How The Resident Evil Movie Actors Compare To The Game Characters

Note that these aren’t all the actors (Albert Wesker, for example, was played by different actors.) Still, some of them are dead ringers. Others are, ahem, not.

実写版バイオのキャラの再現度wwwwwwwww [2ch]


  • I know resident evil fans hate these movies and I know their really horrible adaptations but I still love these movies. The way the movie is shot and the fight scenes are shot are fantastic to me. The only movies that shoot better fight scenes to me is the raid movies.

    • I actually quite enjoyed the first two for what they were, but I feel they just got progressively worse from there, particularly when they figured casting someone who looked like the character and having them act nothing like them was good enough, and handwaving away important details, such as why every single regular zombie is now a RE5 parasite zombie. By the time Afterlife rolled around, the one redeeming scene was Wesker fighting against Claire and Chris, which was copied, choreography and camera angles, straight from Resident Evil 5.

  • Im sort of torn on the idea of 1:1 translations of character costumes. Some look too much like cosplay.

  • The characters look really similar, however the actual stories are radically different.

    I don’t get it.

  • I liked both Jills(movie mind control Jill is better than UMvC3, not sure about RE5) and Wesker and Chris weren’t bad. The movies are terrible cash ins though. It’s like advertising Renaissance paintings and then delivering used paintball costumes, with the common denominator being paint, and Alice stealing the thunder of the true heroes of RE, who have to take a back seat to her movies.

  • Most of those look pretty good i think.
    But they couldnt get an actor to look like Chris Redfield from Res 5 because there arent enough steroids in the world

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