How To Get The Best Followers For Your World Of Warcraft Garrison

How To Get The Best Followers For Your World of Warcraft Garrison

If you survived the lag you've probably already obtained your garrison and a few followers — special NPC buddies you can send on various missions. Rares or a few epics, but most likely not the best ones. BellularGaming is here to help with a complete guide on current followers and how to find them on Draenor.

As you can see in the video below, the expansion is full of followers all over the zones. The garrison's limit is 20 active followers (25 with level 3 Barracks), so you might wanna go for the really special ones, Leeroy Jenkins included.

Garrison Follower Guide - How To Get All Followers - Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.3 [BellularGaming, YouTube]


    As someone who has not played WoW for 3 years and can't watch the video, what are garrisons?

      Garrisons are like player housing, you can recruit followers and send them to do stuff like resource gathering or dungeoning. I Haven't played WoD but from what Ive seen from beta videos its pretty good.

      Last edited 15/11/14 10:49 am

    I'm thinking actually being able to log into the game might help?

    Good game Blizzard.. Am enjoying watching everyone flame all things blizzard and people are live streaming their queuing.

      Hehe, dreadmaul was filled with thaurassian players in mop and now it has a 11 min Que, really ridiculous

        11 minute queue? Damn.. I wish mine was that, i've been in queue for Khaz'Goroth since 10:30 this morning, in that time I went & did shopping & made lunch..

      Yeah the que is terrible even low pop servers have que times what is with that?

        lowered population caps so the game is actually playable

    You have to actually be in game to do any of this. Constant queues on ALL oceanic realms, as I'm sure all those interested are aware. 4000+ queues.

    All i wanna do,
    Is play some WoW.
    But I gotta feeling,
    I'll be in a queue for hours.

    every expac has que times at launch, its a normal thing. Nearly every game has server issues at launch, people need to stop crying about it.

    went to log into saurfang at 5pm yesterday, was a 1k que took half hour, played some LoL in the meantime and then I was in. ezpz

    garrisons are actually pretty cool, breaks up the grind for levelling and gives you something to do other then dailies.

      I am normally right there with you on the attitude of 'chill', but in this case, I am not sure I can. I got lucky, thanks to insomnia I was up at 6am and online with minimal queue. But my wife queued at 9 am didn't get in till 3:30, my son queued at 11:30 and got in literally 10 minutes before downtime. And their answer to the problem seems to mostly involve 'more hardware'. So I can't help feeling they actually DID cheap out on it this time.

    Im suspicious of the absence of coverage on the lag issues as they are quite bad. Yes launch day problems expected blah blah blah. However any information on any other games that come out with these problems in the past is not found wanting. Hopefully there will be something to point out what has occurred as I get new games that have problems and I get that problems may occur with all new launches but I have to say for the franchise and the company blizzard. Locking out half you client base for up to 2 days after release is not a good move.

    5hrs in queue and counting

    haha man this weekend was fun. i spent a total of 27 hours in queue :)

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