I Can't Stop Listening To Persona Q's Battle Theme

The first time you hear it, you're like, "haha this is ridiculous", and then the second time you're like "OK this is kinda catchy", and then by the third and fourth time you start getting really excited every time the woman starts singing the chorus, and then by the fifth time you're dancing, by the sixth time you're kinda sick of it, and from then on afterwards you just keep it open in a tab all day while you're working.

Persona Q comes out for 3DS on November 25. Look out for our review closer to then.


    Yeah, most of Persona battle themes work like that.

    This is classic Shoji Meguro, such a great soundtrack

      I'm pretty sure Atsushi Kitajoh composed the songs with vocals for PQ, he's been working under Meguro for awhile which is probably why it has his style.

    Haha that's fantastic, only problem is when you finish the battle before it starts getting real good.

    It comes out this month?

    Gotta finish Bravely Default quick!

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