I Could Slay Zombies To This Soundtrack All Day Long

I Could Slay Zombies to this Soundtrack All Day Long

Going into OneChanbara Z2: Chaos, I was expecting a lot of fanservice and some surprisingly enjoyable hack-and-slash action. However, I was not expecting an excellent soundtrack to carry me through the six hours it took to beat the game.

So here is some of the game's best music to slay zombies to.


This upbeat j-rock sound has great female vocals and a lot of fun with autotune. It also serves as the theme song for the game.

Two Deadly Girls

This is the theme song to the previous instalment of the series OneChanbara Z: Kagura. This one is a song that would stylistically fit on the Persona 4 soundtrack and is likewise a lot of fun.

Get Out!

This is an exciting track featuring a hard rock guitar in the background with a violin carrying the melody.

Come on Daredevil

This one has a good dance beat and a soprano voice sample to go along with it. Honestly, it reminds me of something you might find on the dark side of Sonic Adventure 2's soundtrack.

Bounty Hunters

This one feels like a classical music dance club-style remix. The piano carries the awesome melody with a strings section to back it up.

Fundamental Paradox

Who doesn't love a Spanish guitar and a pan flute over a good drum line?

Temple of Masters

This China-inspired track takes a traditional Asian chord structure and gives it an electric guitar for backup. The result is pretty darn beautiful.

OneChanbara Z2: Chaos was released in Japan for the PlayStation 4 on October 30, 2014. There is currently no word on an international release.


    b b b, I love this article, although I prefer chiptune/bitpop

    As someone who's been playing the Oneechanbara series since its' humble days as a "budget" hack and slash game back on the PS2 days I am damn thoroughly impressed w/ Tamsoft and D3 have done w/ the series on Chaos reboots.

    I missed out on Z1 but I could not pass up the chance to play Z2 and it's a damn fun stylish brawler! xD

    Every single one ran an interstellar ad. I paused the ads and tested each link. Poops to you.

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