I Love OneChanbara Z2's Random English (NSFW)

Video: If there is one thing I love about Kagura, the newest OneChanbara protagonist, it's her penchant for spouting random one-liners — sometimes in nearly nonsensical "Engrish". While her random English (and "Engrish") was more prevalent in the last game , there are still a few cases in OneChanbara Z2 that are both awesome and absurd.

[Note: as OneChanbara is a game about voluptuous women in bikinis killing zombies, this video is NSFW.]

OneChanbara Z2: Chaos was released in Japan for the PlayStation 4 on 30 October, 2014. There is currently no word on an international release.


    faaaark, watched the first 30 seconds. absolutely disgraceful - what kind of demented pervert would actually play this game

      I'm gay, and I can't get enough of Oneechanbara. Hack & Slash games get me, and I still think this series is one of the best and most enjoyable around. I was only hoping that it might get a PC port - I have the Wii and 360 games, but that's about it. I suppose I'm demented. Don't know if you could call me a pervert though...

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        ha, yeah fair enough. 'demented pervert' is, on reflection, a bit strong - and i broke my first rule: commented on something i haven't actually played. my bad - still, i think it's a bit much for me

          Totally fair mate!!! I didn't really find it offensive anyways, just felt like chiming in :D

      I bought Bikini Samurai Warriors (the previous game in the series I think) just to chop up zombies with samurai swords (plus it had co-op).

      And since there was a dress-up feature, as soon as I could, I put more reasonable clothes on the girls.

      Also, if a game like this is only for perverts, aren't we all psychopaths for playing games that let you kill people (ie, pretty much every game ever)?

      *waves sick and demented banner*

      Actually it's not *as* bad that was the actual DLC ermmm "swimsuits". It's a fan service game from Jp so what would u expect? =P

      That being said as someone who's been a fan of the game since it started the new Chaos reboot is one of the most fun hack and slash game I've played in ages :D


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