If Duck Hunt Was About Knocking People Out, It Would Be Called Mark Hunt

This weekend the world of mixed martial arts is buzzing, particularly for fans based in Australia or New Zealand. Because this Sunday the legendary Mark Hunt, Kiwi and adopted Australian fighting out of Sydney, finally gets his shot at the Heavyweight title.

That's why it's the perfect time for this Duck Hunt parody video.

For a bit of context, Mark Hunt is an incredible knockout artist. On the surface of things he looks a bit weird for a professional fighter. He's 40 years old, he's overweight, he's relatively short for his division. He doesn't look like a world class athlete. But Mark Hunt is perhaps the most technical striker in the UFC's Heavyweight division and he has cinder blocks for hands.

The above video basically tells it like it is. These are all fighters that Mark Hunt totally knocked out en route to his title shot. Most were disposed of with one perfectly timed hook or uppercut. Mark Hunt is lethal.

I'm super hyped for this weekend's title fight. I've been following Mark Hunt's career for a long time — he's actually a massive Counter-Strike player. I was lucky enough to interview him earlier this year and at one point he was playing so intensively it hampered his training! You also might have spotted him wandering the halls of the EB Expo, which he attended last month.

As for this weekend's fight — it's going to be a tough one for him. He took the fight at short notice, after another fighter dropped out with an injury, and the fight is taking place at an extremely high altitude. That plays into one of Hunt's weaknesses, cardio. That being said, Mark Hunt can knock anyone out at anytime — literally anyone on this planet. I think he can do it.


    Everybody that's ever played Duck Hunt wishes they could knock that effing dog out. And now we can when Smash Bros. comes out. He's been laughing at me all these years, and now I can finally get my own back and pound the shite out of him.


    I actually think he would have had a better chance against Cain than Werdum this weekend.
    Cains and in fighter on the feet which suits Hunts range and while Cain’s ground n’ pound is lethal it’s not as dangerous or controlling as Wedum will be if he gets on top on the ground.

    Not that it’s going to matter either way. Hunt’s going to wobble Werdum’s ears so badly he’s going to take off Dumbo style!

      Here's the thing: the fight starts standing. Werdum is dangerous on the ground, but I don't know that he has such a great record with takedowns. He beat Fedor off his back, but Fedor has always been super eager to jump into people's guards because Ground and Pound is his thing.

      Werdum will have to take him down and I don't think that's going to happen in the opening rounds. Hunto has great distance control and he closes the distance quick with that lead hook.

      Also: Werdum's striking is rudimentary. He looked great against a rocked/tired Browne, but Hunt is SUPER technical. He comes from angles, he times his shot. If Werdum comes straight forward with jabs and straight line one-twos I see Hunt as having a great chance at knocking him out. If he comes in with telegraphed take downs, Werdum could get caught with one of those killer uppercuts coming in.

      I think this is a super interesting style match up. Hunt has a good chance IMO.

        Ohhhhh I do agree to some extent, you make some good points.

        I just think that Werdum’s length and use of more technical muay thai (the front kicks and long jabs he used on Browne) will present less opportunities on the feet than Cains style in which he likes to throw punches as he closes distance into the clinch.

        If you have a look at the times Cain nailed JDS it was often with the overhand right as he engaged the clinch, where he’d feint the level change, throw the overhand as JDS dropped his hands and then engage the clinch after the punch landed on JDS’ unguarded chin.

        Hunt's the best in the UFC at defending with the shoulder roll (have you seen his fight with Ray Sefo? It’s the best fight in history! Youtube it!) and it allows him to avoid punches while keeping his hands really low to defend the shot. I just have this unshakable mental image of Cain throwing a big overhand that rolls off Hunt and then level changing straight into the short uppercut.

        Also while Werdum’s offensive wrestling isn’t as good as Cains, he will pull guard if that’s what he feels he needs to do and Hunt is in all kinds of trouble if he ends up there.

        I think it’s fair to say that we’re both pretty excited for Sunday!!! Both fights are very winnable.

    I think if he can make his way to Cain Velasquez, that will be the real test. I haven't seen many of Werdum's fights, but he hasn't really been on my radar. Velasquez, however is the real deal. I wish Hunt the best of luck, he has a great shot and definitely the tools (Thunder and lightning) to do it.

      Werdum is the two time Abu-Dhabi Combat Club (the world’s most prestigious submission grappling competition) gold medallist in the >99kg division and has medalled 4 other times including silver as recently as 2011 when he went within a bees-dick of breaking Vinny Mahgalheas’ arm and winning gold in the final (it’s a crazy fight if you want to Youtube it).
      He was also the first man to (properly) beat then world no.1 HW Fedor Emelianenko when he triangle choked him in Strikeforce back in 2010.

      Basically he’s been hovering between no.1 and no.5 in the world as a grappler for the past 14 years.

      He’s also a big dude (6ft4) who’s developed a really solid, technical striking game. He put a striking clinic on Travis Browne in his last fight so he’s far from a slouch there too.

      He’s a bit of a nightmare stylistic matchup for Hunt. IMO he’d be better off fighting Cain.

        Well if he's a grappler then you're definitely right about being a bad match for Hunt. I've seen Hunt on his back, and he usually finds it hard to get back up again. Well hopefully Hunt has been working on more defence, which he showed a little in the fight against Roy Nelson.

    *snicker snicker
    hidden profanity in title

    You knock our people with Mark Hunt? Did I say you could knock out people with Mark Hunt? A bit of consideration when using Mark Hunt please. It wasn't meant for such purposes. A lot of people value Mark Hunt.

    I'm using Mark Hunt way too much.

    Oh god I can't stop. lol.


    As someone who doesn't follow MMA, I had no idea who Mark Hunt was. So, when I read the title of the story, I thought it was about Serrels getting knocked out (Mark Hunt = Hunting for Mark).

    I am disappoint.

    Last edited 13/11/14 12:20 pm

    A punch out parody would have been cooler

    For those interested, Duck Hunt for the Wii U Virtual Console was announced last week.

    Nintendo also released this awesome trailer of Duck Hunt Duo in the upcoming Smash Bros. for Wii U: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qd8XndRfcs&feature=player_embedded

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