If You Got The New PS4 Update, Don't Use Rest Mode

If You Got The New PS4 Update, Don't Use Rest Mode

Earlier this week, Sony released a new patch for the PlayStation 4, and if you've downloaded it, here's my advice: be very, very careful.

See, the PS4's v2.00 patch, which adds features like SharePlay and a new app for YouTube, also brings with it some major technical issues. In addition to a host of random problems reported by a sprinkling of PS4 owners across the web — volume fluctuations, inconsistent connectivity, etc. — there's one issue that seems to be affecting a whole lot of people: Rest Mode doesn't work right.

Last night, I put my PS4 in Rest Mode, and when I woke up this morning, the console wouldn't turn on — I had to manually reset it, potentially risking damaging the system and its files. Same thing seems to be happening to a lot of other people, too.

A few of us here at Kotaku have had firsthand experience with this Rest Mode problem, and scans through Twitter and Reddit reveal that it's a widespread issue. Some Redditors have suggested potential ways to fix it, but none of them seem to be foolproof.

When I reached out to Sony yesterday, they said they're looking into these issues, but there's no word on an ETA for a fix. For now, I recommend just turning your PS4 off entirely when you're done with it. Better to be safe than sorry (and bricked).


    Yeah since the update it's happened to me once, went to rest mode and it was still on the spinning circle when I got up I'm the morning, had to pull the power to reboot

    I updated a few days ago and I haven't had any problems (knocks on wood). I had more problems before the update with logging into a game too quickly before it signs in on the home screen

    Haven't had this problem yet. The usb power settings in rest mode only being for 3 hours came as a surprise though. Good option to have but I'm not sure why it was on by default

    No issues here.

    Not sure if this has been discussed but there's also a new option on Vita to select remote play video quality. Pretty cool!

    I've had that rest mode issue a few times in the past but not since 2.0.

    Only problem I've had so far was that when the firmware updated, for some reason it reset my power saving settings to NOT allow the PS4 to access network features while in rest mode. So while I was at work I went on the PS Store website and told it to download The Unfinished Swan. I got home expecting it to be there ready to play, only to find it didn't start downloading until I turned on the console.

    It was a simple matter to turn the feature back on, but it annoys me when a firmware upgrade changes any of my settings without telling me - IMO it should always retain the existing setting wherever possible.

      Is the unfinished swan out?

      I had no idea.

        Yep - crossplay too. I bought it on PS3 ages ago, and over the weekend saw that I could d/l for PS4 or Vita for no more dollars. Nice.

    happened to me, i shat brix when it turned back on and the screen was blank for 30 seconds

    It was fine for a few days but just yesterday I just had it stuck in rest mode and had to unplug it.

    So it's a random bug

    Had this issue last night and found a temporary solution...at least for me anyway.

    Just disable internet access while in Rest Mode and it should work fine. Sad thing is, also, that you will no longer be able to use your PS Vita to turn your PS4 on. Others have also reported that rebuilding the database also helps.

    "potentially risking damaging the system and its files" what utter rubbish. What if you get a blackout? Or the system freezes? With new hardware it's fine.

    I haven't had that particular problem, but I have found that after putting it in rest mode, I'll come back the next day and find that the LED that is normally on during rest mode is now off. Seems the system has turned itself all the way off instead of just staying in rest mode. I think. I'm not sure...

    I updated it as soon as it cam out. No issues until this weekend. Found a post on Reddit that suggested change the sitting of power to usb port to always instead of 3 hours. That seems to fixed the issue so far, fingers crossed.

    Updated. Ended up in Rest mode by accident. No problemo.

    Rest mode is changed name, yet suspend mode still isn't available on v2. Err.. :\

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