In Battlefield 4 A Bow And Arrow Can Take Down Entire Buildings

Look, I'm not saying that using a bow and arrow isn't cool. It's got to be one of the coolest things you can use to inflict harm on another human besides nunchucks. That being said, I don't think there's a bow and arrow in this world that can take down a building. Or is there? In Battlefield 4 there is. This video says so.

So yeah, in Battlefield 4 the Phantom Bow can pretty much destroy everything and anything.

This video is great. I love the editing. I love the music. I love the explosions. I love that a Bow and Arrow can be responsible for so much carnage. I'm going to make a video where you can make buildings crumble by throwing a cucumber at them.

Via Reddit


    That video is just offensive to the senses.......

      Offensive to true Battlefield lovers ? Well I'm a one (that made this video) and all I gotta say is that DICE needs to fix this Alpha bow :p

    Warriors and archers against a tank in Civ? Sort of comparable

    On a plus note, I haven't played it, but it's great how destructive the environments in the Frostbite 3 engine are. Maybe a touch on the 'too destructive' side though. You get the impression if you go for a drunken slash against one of those buildings (or trees) in the middle of the night it'll suddenly collapse all around you

    oh shit... im playing tonight, i didnt know the Bow was a new weapon

      I don't think the community has figured out how to unlock it yet, but if you jump on an unranked server you can play around with it.

      Might help. . .

      And same grimfolf. Im doing a BF4 all nighter rampage tonight.

    Are you sure that these arrows weren't stolen from red faction or crafted by some certain mercs and hunters (the big game & bounty kinds), because its this or the people behind this game may have played too much red faction & minecraft

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