In This Dating Game, You Impress Ladies With Your Drifting

In This Dating Game, You Impress Ladies with Your Drifting

Car racing meets dating game. This is Drift Girls, and in it, you try to impress women with your racing — and drifting — abilities.

The app is being released in South Korea and is heavy on both drifting and fan service. I don't think I've ever seen a game that mixes a specific racing mechanic like this with dating scenes of going out to eat, visiting the zoo, or catching a movie.

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    "So its just like real life" said every 18yo ever.

      Let's not be ageist! :P Plenty of drop kick 30-somethings still think this is the way to get dem laydees.

      They're easily identifiable - look for the bogans wearing a Holden Racing Team / FPV jacket and/or hat this summer. They are also likely to have some tribute to Peter Brock slapped on their car window as well.

      Sorry, girls. Didn't mean to get you excited.

        Also look for Chevy badges on Holden. It's a badge of honor apparently.

        If you think HSV and FPV are the Cars used for drifting then I don't think you will be getting many of those girls.

    I hope they ladies give them the pinky in response.

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