Indie Game That Dragon, Cancer Shift Gears


    Bloody good idea. I imagine he'd like it to actually make money...

      I dont know, if he is doing it for the reasons I think he is this is more about telling a story than turning a profit. But better exposure will help indeed.

        Not to make money in the respect of getting rich. I believe most of the money is actually going towards cancer research or some such charity, which is a noble thing. Doing this allows it to reach a much wider audience.

          And with that knowledge I fully support any capitalist tactics they adopt.

        understandibly, but the guy still has a family to support... and theres an entire team thats relying on this as an income source as well.,

    If it's available on Ouya does that mean it will be available on general android devices? I would consider pledging if so.

    Could you put the title of the game in inverted commas in the title?? That sentence seems like a string of random words otherwise.

    I guess he wanted people to play the game instead for it to just exist.

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