Kamikaze GTA Online Jet Kills Without Bullets

You're not really supposed to kill people with the Besra in GTA Online. The Besra is a training jet, it has no mounted weapons. But that doesn't stop this player from wrecking everyone else with the Besra anyway.

oAngrybird shows us how they use the Besra's body (and acceleration) to smash into other players, taking them out in the process. It's kind of amazing. So much build-up! What a savage.

Attack Besra I Unarmed plane kills I Jet Elite [oAngrybird]


    When this shit goes first person... we're gonna see some even better stuff...

    I took out a Buzzard with the Cessna once. I got shot down by his friend though

    Im actually looking forward to playing this again. Just like all the others I played, finished and loved it but never played it again. At the very least it will be another thing to keep me occupied now that Ive had my fill of Destiny.

    Sup Battlefield 1942

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