Kid Explains Why Schools Should Have Video Games

Third Grader Explains Why Schools Should Have Video Games

TED talks can range from informative lectures to absurd satire. But the most TED thing ever has to be this third grader's talk on why video games should, like, totally be in classrooms.

In a TEDxUniversityofStThomas talk called 'Individualization, failure and fun', third grader Cordell Steiner makes some valid points about why classrooms should have more interactive games. It is also super cute to watch. It's a bit like having a tiny Steve Jobs in a little turtleneck come out to a round of applause and say "I think we need to pivot on this whole idea of candy for breakfast". The talk is also a real de-ja-vu moment for anyone who was the way-too-smart kid that tried desperately to argue that, "no, video games can be a force of good." I definitely was, and I'm guessing a lot of you were too.

Keep doing what you're doing, Cordell. I think you're going places.

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    TEDxUniversityofStThomas sounds like something someone would call their Gamer tag.

    I don't understand the purpose of this kids discussion, is there something wrong? Are educational video games not used in school anymore?

    21 years ago, I played interactive education video games in class all the time. They had math problems, spelling marathons, science, history, music, art, general creativity, and they were all fun.

    What happened?

      They're there and a lot of good media studies teachers include social and storytelling components of video game theory in their teaching.

    Oh the hours I spent playing Carmen Sandiego at school.

    Now there are dopey ipad/tablet games, and what I've seen on the desktops isn't that much more sophisticated. All glitz no substance.

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