Kotaku Awards 2014: Nominate Your Mobile Game Of The Year

We're rapidly approaching the end of 2014 and that means it's time to start dishing out awards! Today we're kicking off the Kotaku Awards for 2014 and we're doing this how we always do it: we're asking for your nominations! First up is Mobile Game Of The Year. What were your favourite mobile games of 2014?

Just for clarification: mobile games are anything you can play on a mobile device — iPads, phones, tablets, anything like that.

Here are a few of my own personal favourites to get things kicking...

Framed Swing Copters Crossy Road Monument Valley

Now let's hear your nominations in the comments below. We'll throw up a poll next week and we can get to voting.


    I've wasted so much time on Desert Golf for god knows why reasons so I'll nominate that.

    Also was Collosatron this year or very end of last year?

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      I'd say the only two games I've played on mobile devices this year are Colossatron and Desert Golfing but my vote goes for Desert Golfing regardless. Colossatron was really well made and a fun idea but too grindy/irritating/micro-transationy. Desert Golfing's seemingly endless and shamelessly repetitive gameplay keeps me coming back.

      Ooh Desert Golf, yes. Yesterday, I saw a cactus!

        I saw a rock once. I had to stop playing for a while to gather myself back up.

    I've spent an ungodly amount of time playing WWE Supercard, so I guess I'll nominate that. But Desert Golfing is probably the best!

    Monument Valley, although I may have picked Desert Golfing if they didn't just give up after about the 3200th hole.

    I think Wave Wave at PAX might have been the only mobile game I've even played this year.

    Republique [This game.... wow..... such production values!]
    Desert Golfing

      Oh wow just been playing Pako for first time. Could see myself wasting a bit of time on that one. Pretty fun physics.

        Yep, its super simply and a lot of fun! [and damn hard! :p]

    I nominate the Assassin's Creed Unity Companion App for the WORST GAME EVER award.

    Valiant Heart - The Great War

    Nothing to innovative about the gameplay, but it's solid and the story (plus historical info) makes it a winner for me.

    I was gonna say Riptide GP 2, but that released last year. Dang.

    I'll throw in a vote for Swordigo then. Yeah that released last year too but it didn't release on Android until this year so I'm counting it :P

    I really liked Hearthstone, the only mobile game I played this year so it's got my vote!

      2nd Vote for Hearthstone. I cant stop playing :)

    Super Gravitron

    that 100 Balls game was pretty great for something so simple. Game of thrones Ascent was pretty good too.

    Here are mine:
    Boom beach: a maritime assault game that allows you to use your gunshipto blow stuff up
    clash of clans:

    Crossy Road :)

    Still need to get onto Monument Valley.

    Monument Valley harnesses the "I am the smartest man alive!" feeling I got from Portal and Portal 2. The M.C Escher levels are set to 11 !

    Chip Chain
    Stick Hero
    Ridiculous Fishing
    Fantasy Breaker
    Color Zen
    Berserk Ball 2
    Trials: Frontier
    Creature gate

    I loved Framed BUT... it was so short and so expensive that I couldn't possibly recommend it to anyone. It has been in development for so long that I expected it to last more than 30 minutes. I was pretty ticked off when I finished it.

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