Kotaku Awards 2014: Most Anticipated Game Of 2015

The Last Guardian — right guys?

Oh you.

Time to nominate your most anticipated game of 2015. This is kinda silly, but also fun because I'm part of that dying breed who still gets excited about upcoming video games.

Here's my shortlist.

Below Bloodborne Expand Halo 5: Guardians Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain No Man's Sky Superhot Titan Souls The Legend of Zelda Wii U

Man, if everyone gets their ducks in a row, 2015 could be a pretty spectacular year.

Drop your nominations in the comments below.


    C'mon man, where is the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!?

      Agreed. Easily my most anticipated game.

        Not a fan but shocked it's not on there. Massively pumped for 1886 at this stage. Also after their latest stuff ups I am very guarded about the division, When ever I buy a ubisoft games from now on it will be pre owned on console... that way I get to play the good games without supporting them, everyone else I always buy new (apart from EA).

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    Captain Toad doesn't hit here until Jan 3, so I'm going to say that.

    But also Halo 5.

    Legend of Zelda: Wii U and Witcher 3

      I’m betting that Zelda doesn’t hit shelves next year.
      Hell, I’m almost scared that it will!

      Every Zelda console Zelda game in forever has been delayed time and time again and the 5 seconds they showed at E3 doesn’t exactly suggest it was significantly progressed at that point.

      My biggest concern is that they’ll rush it out in order to give people one last reason to buy a WiiU before they kill it off and it won’t be as fantastic as we hope.
      At the same time the WiiU hardware isn’t getting any younger and the console doesn’t exactly have a stacked lineup for 2015 so I guess it’s a bit troubling either way.

      Looking forward to the Witcher 3 though!

        Yes, Zelda was a bit of a hopeful suggestion! I agree about the lineup. What other franchises can Nintendo milk to keep the Wii U going for three more years?

        We know there's Zelda, and a new Star Fox probably, but beyond that I don't think there's another major franchise that's had a game announced. A new Metroid and F Zero would rock though...

          A new Mega Man game by Capcom / Nintendo would get some attention

          Nintendo’s problem is that they stick so closely to formula that in instances where they can’t just make a game ‘bigger’ then they really struggle to top their old efforts.

          In the case of Starfox and F-Zero they’ve basically said as much themselves!

          What do you do with F-Zero apart from essentially remake GX? Hell, even GX is essentially a remake of X.
          I love those games to death but I don’t think they’d want to mess with the formula any more than making a HD racer that was essentially the same. At least with Mario Kart and Smash Bros they can add in a million novelty characters and stages people care about.

          Same with Starfox. Its soul in on-rails shooting..… do people still want to do that in 2014? Can you sell a full priced title that (like Starfox 64) can be finished in an hour? Do you want 14 hours of on-rails shooting? Do you take the Wii route and tack on shitty novelty controls in place of gameplay innovation?

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for them to try and would love HD versions, I’m just saying that it hasn’t happened yet because they don’t know how to improve on the solid cores of the classics.

            You'd be interested in this: http://zerocounts.net/2014/11/22/iterative-vs-redesign/

            Sometimes new technology - like the move to 3D - forces game designers to rethink the core of an IP, and integrate new technological capabilities with established gameplay mechanics. The problem with HD is that doesn't enable new mechanics, but simply improves existing ones. The more powerful PS4 and Xbox One however do allow for new mechanics as they can handle more complex calculations - such as Shadow of Mordor's nemesis system.

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              The problem with those two particular franchises is that they’re based around a very limited (albeit wonderful) concepts that don’t allow for tons of innovation without moving away from the core of what made those games great in the first place. They’re brilliantly polished but simple relics from a difference age of game design.

              Neither game has a physics engine in need of improving, in the case of F-Zero the track designs are about as whacky as you could want, does either game need MORE of anything, would F-Zero be a significantly better game if the field was increased to 60? Would it still be F-Zero if it was played from a beautiful looking 1st person cockpit view?

              With games like Zelda, Metroid or Mario the scope to change the design is huge, in Mario Kart and Smash Bros the open ended “anything goes” style means they can put just about anything they want into a new game and even those franchises could be considered a touch stale (even if the 8 player mode in Smash could be seen as a significant change).

              Look at Mario Golf, the most recent game may be 10 (or more) years after the Toadstool Tour on the GC but the game hasn’t changed AT ALL. If you scaled down the graphics you could build all those courses into the N64 version and the gameplay would be entirely unchanged.
              Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it, but it’s not going to get me to run out and buy a WiiU and I think that’s what they’re thinking when they consider new F-Zero or Starfox.

              Thanks for linking to my post!

              I'd be careful to use the word 'force'. New technology such as 3D opens up potential for new ideas. My point in paragraph four was that all of Nintendo's existing IP were rooted in established environments and mechanics. While it seems like an obvious evolution now, Nintendo took a leap-of-faith in putting beloved characters into completely new 'games'. There are surely plenty that still look at 3D Mario, 3D Zelda, 3D Donkey Kong, or Star Fox out of his Arwing as untrue versions of these franchises. There were surely plenty of Mario fans that were completely thrown off by 3D adventure-platforming and fell off of the '90s video game wave. (My parents as an example.)

              This piece at Forbes provides an interesting take on the Wii U GamePad and cross-console, third-party games. It may be, as originally (albeit poorly) advertised, the tech that redesigns existing experiences:

    For me it is absolutely Satellite Reign, followed by No Man's Sky.
    It was going to be Elite Dangerous, but no offline play means no buy for Poita.

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    Bloodborne motherfuckers! I'm that insane person that would buy a new console for a specific franchise!

    It used to be Halo. But, you know...

      I might get a ps4 for bloodborne but I'm waiting for the reviews. Before it was delayed I heard a rumour it was having development issues, then it got delayed, has me a bit worried.

        So it was having issues before and delayed to fix them and you're worried?

        Ummm, my reaction is kind of the opposite.

          Yeah I know what you mean, I agree delaying is the best thing rather than releasing something with issues but it just made me check my excitement a little. I'd been thinking of just buying a PS4 this christmas with bloodborne the only announced game I really wanted in the short term and the rumours and delay reminded me it would be prudent to wait for some reviews first.

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      If anything, I'd buy the game before I even have the console :)

    Assault Android Cactus. At least I think the Witchbeam boys said it's on track for a 2015 release!

    star wars battlefront
    bravely second
    pillars of eternity

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    Assassins Creed: Unleashed,
    Assassins Creed: Renegade,
    Assassins Creed: Homefront
    and Assassins Creed Universe are my picks.

    oh and Assasins Creed : Similar.

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      What about Assassins Creed: I Feel Like Ive PLayed This Before

        That's the DLC, opened with Social Media and Microtransaction Companion Apps.

    Arkham Knight
    No Mans Sky
    Witcher 3

      This is pretty much my list.

      Also really REEEEEEEEEEEEALLY (with scrunched up face) hoping for a Fallout announcement at some point next year

      Apparently there is a No Man's Sky special event at the Playstation experience on December 5, hoping for some big news.

    Captain Toad, GOTY for sure. I forgot about No Man's Sky, looking forward to seeing what comes of that. Totally can't think of anything else that's in the pipeline that I was looking forward to though. Haven't been too good at that lately, it's been more of a take-them-as-they-come thing.

    The Witcher 3. Got a new PC just mostly for this game (and replaying TW2 right now to whet my appetite).

    Far, far below that, SW Battlefront (provided it's not EA'd up with microtransactions).

      Fuck, I did not realise EA has the SW:BF franchise now. Hmm Battlefield series is probably my favourite multiplayer shooter so maybe, just maybe, they won't fuck it up. Expectations lowered>

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    Monster Hunter 4
    Witcher 3

    Edit: oh, oh, forgot about the zesty dragons (Tales). Not sure how much it's anticipated given that I'm several games behind in the franchise now.

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    I'm going to say Witcher 3 even though I still haven't played Witcher 2 and the first Witcher game was just too damn dense to be enjoyable. I have a feeling I'm going to really dig Witcher 3 and there just isn't a lot else that I'm actively "hyped" for - at least nothing announced unless you count Game of Thrones by Telltale which will technically release the first episode next month. I will probably wind up counting it in my 2015 GOTY list like I did Walking Dead season 2 and Wolf Among Us for 2014. :P

    roller coaster tycoon WORLD

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    Yakuza 5 (...:(...)
    Witcher 3
    Final fantasy xv
    Metal gear

    PC release of GTA V
    PC release of Destiny

      PC is getting Destiny? Oh shit this is scary.... Sahyohnahrah social life :(

    * Zelda U
    * Bloodborne
    * Halo 5
    * Witcher 3
    * Dark Souls 2 (PS4)
    * Xenoblade Chronicles X
    * The Order
    * Batman

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