Kotaku Awards 2014: Nominate Your Biggest Disappointment Of The Year

We're running our 2014 awards and we need your help. We need your nominations! Today we're talking disappointments of the year.

I feel as though 2014 was a pretty disappointing year all over. So many AAA games didn't quite deliver, so many games required stupid amounts of patching and were broken out of the gate. Games were delayed into 2015, plenty of big name sequels didn't live up to expectations or just flat out sucked.

Here are a few things that disappointed me to get things started.

Assassin's Creed Unity Trials Fusion DLC Halo: Master Chief Collection Matchmaking

Now you go! Leave your nominations in the comments below.



      Im also going to go with Mike. nah just kidding, you're a champ *shakes head* haha nah jk (nope)... teehehe messing with you, ur a good egg {fingers crossed}

      holy crap i am bored at work. when will this day end.

      Well damn, I guess when my mom used to also say

      didn’t live up to expectations

      She was wrong. I'm a winner of a Kotaku award now mom, a winner!


      Agreed. Still doesn't work two months later.

    Most games I picked up this year were really great.

    The exception was Destiny.

    It's just so unpolished, and I didn't even get to level 20 before giving up in frustration at some of the "story" mission mechanics (eg, dying in a mission and having to redo it.. without ammo.)

    So much playing of that game without tangible rewards.

    Hopefully they get around to fixing it in the next year. =D

    Assassin's Creed Unity
    Elder Scrolls Online

    I'm disappointed by the continued fear in the industry when it comes to risk and profit. So many games could have been out this year, so many of them current-gen exclusives, they would have been better for it, increased the install base of these consoles, and resulted in PS4 and Xbox One having amazing starts, not lackluster ones.

    Every time a company releases a console they need to be as hungry as Microsoft was with the first Xbox, put it all on the line, and people will reward you.

      But then people will complain about half finished games that are not polished enough.

        What? How?

          Ah wait, re-read that. You mean if they only released the games on the new platforms and didn't dick around with the older gen?

            Yeah, the current gen not previous gen. We've yet to see a game that's truly exploited the power of these new consoles I think. And as such, there's no point in buying them yet in many consumer's eyes.

              Yup, I agree. More current gen exclusives would be good.

    Pretty much what Geometrics said...

    And Destiny.

    I'm slightly disappointed at the GTA remake. While it looks pretty, it's really just the previous game with some make-up. In hindsight, it doesn't seem like it was worth the full price again...

    EDIT: I thought about it some more and while I still wish they added a bit more content, I know I'll end up playing it for a shit load of hours.

    Last edited 25/11/14 2:57 pm

      I think the most disappointing thing is that it still might be game of the year!

      Seriously though I’m still enjoying it as a second playthrough, the new graphics and perspective add a lot more to the experience than a few extra missions would have (although that would have been nice anyway).

        Same man. It was immersive before and now it's even better. I just wish there was a bit more added. That's not to say it's a bad game - I know I'll end up playing it for 100h min and it's well worth the price again.

    Playstation TV. I'm liking the ability to play Vita and PSP games on a bigger screen with a nice controller but it just could have been so much more and there is so much missed potential. It feels like Sony really dropped the ball and then stood watching as it rolled down the hill into oncoming traffic where a car hit it and knocked it into the nearby sea at which point a passing seal barked happily and balanced it on its nose before swimming away with it.

    Oh, and Destiny.

    Last edited 25/11/14 2:41 pm

    Assassin's Creed Unity - what a shambles...
    Destiny - supposedly it once had a story...
    Hyperdimension Neptunia Producing Perfection - probably the worst idol management game ever (only redeemed somewhat by the whacky Neptunia humour)

    I haven't played Unity and won't until probably long after TW3 is released, but I'm disappointed that it's wasted the setting of the French Revolution with what everyone is saying is a dull story and poor game. It had so much potential, especially for the Assassins vs Templar storyline...

    Definitely Destiny. No plot... become Legend

    Kneejerk response is Assassin's Creed: Unity. After reinvigorating my interest in the Assassin's Creed franchise by finally getting around to ACIII and Black Flag, the problems plaguing Unity have got me seriously considering abandoning the franchise for the first time - and I haven't even played it yet. That's how let down I am.


    If we want to exclusively count things I've actually played that came out this year, I have to grudgingly give it to Destiny. It's not that I'm unhappy with the game as a whole, I feel like I've more than gotten my money's worth out of the 100 or so hours I've probably played on it (I've seen people bitching about lack of things to do after putting 350+ hours into it at which point I say "REALLY?!"). No, I like the small amount of story content as a window into the future of the wold Bungie is building for us, and am perfectly happy running the same content over and over for challenges and bounties, just like I did in Halo Reach, and even Halo 3 back before I was even rewarded for doing so. People complaining about the lack of content are suffering from a lack of perspective.

    No, it's more that lately Bungie seem to have forgotten that some people just like to play for fun. In a bid to keep the hardcore crowd interested, they constantly patch and "balance" gameplay elements that simply do not need to be fixed. Making the raid more challenging by basically randomising whether you can beat it or not, etc. This has extended to the strikes too. I understand they're supposed to be a challenge but 2 level 29s running a level 28 strike should not be getting completely stomped just because some guy on the other side of the world learned how to cheese the boss in five seconds.

    Bungie, it's not you guys vs. the players. You're supposed to provide an experience for us to enjoy, not kick our asses by tweaking the code until the game can't be beaten except by the elite few. Please don't punish casual players who love the game because of a few narcissists looking for bragging rights who beat your game then taunt you about it.

    For the first time since launch I said to myself last night "I don't know if I want to bother getting the DLC". That is to say, for our second copy of the game which I've been playing on my second Xbox One which I got solely so my wife and I can play something together. I already bought the Ghost edition at launch so my wife's copy/console already has the DLC pre-paid for, so I could simply migrate my play time back to Xbone Prime and play it there if I want to cheap out. But then I wouldn't get to paly it WITH my wife, only have us go back to taking turns watching each other. At this point that's the only reason I might still buy it - because I love playing games with my wife more than I currently hate the experience I am having playing what this game has turned into over the last 2 months. :/

      I guess in retrospect I'm not so much disappointed with Destiny as I am Bungie itself.

      I played Assassins Creed Unity being a long time fan on the PC. I loved it. Had only 1 issue which was fixed on day one and then I have no idea why people have had glitches, frame rate issues, co-op issues...etc. I have a decent set up but not top of the line. Oh well...i guess I was fortunate.

      Great story, setting, side missions. You should play it if you've been a long time fan. Maybe wait for all the issues to settle then give it a go when it's cheap.

        I most likely will, I plan to wait for a Xbox One port of Rogue or wait til it's on sale is a port doesn't seem forthcoming. Either way, Unity will wait until after Rogue, at the very least.

        Another issue I'm having with the AC franchise is this Initiates program they introduced with black Flag. I didn't play Black Flag until about 9 months after it launched, at which point they'd closed the Initiates site to prepare for Unity. Then apparently it wasn't ready for the Unity launch? If there's a segment of content that's blocked off unless Initiates is active that's going to continue to drive me up the wall if I'm not playing Unity until right before the next game is coming out. The annual instalment system seems to be leading to a complete lack of support unless you accept the game with all it's launch quibbles.

      What an excellent post. :)

      I agree in one sense, Destiny wasn't what I expected. It's not at all what I thought it would be.

      But 5d 2h 36m 28s so far is a lot of playtime for the money. :)

        Hory Shet!!

          Innit. I'm not even a "heavy player", there are other people doing 2 or 3 raids a DAY. :-o

          5d 9h 14m 3s

      Wow, even after leaving Halo behind they're still getting taunting by their playerbase?

      I agree with this big time, and I think that your lack of disappointment in the game itself comes from you playing it the right way, with friends (or in your case, your wife). Bungie have made this excruciatingly difficult, but once you have friends to play with, the game becomes much more enjoyable. In a way, not letting you matchmake for the raid means that it really does feel like an event each time, getting your friends together and beating it.

      I do agree with the rest of your comment too, Bungie's focus on keeping the game "unbroken" actually hurts the players who just want to have fun.

      I think the biggest disappointment is Xur, any exotic you get will eventually appear in his stock, and when everyone has exotic weapons and armour, are they even all that exotic anymore?

      Either way, Destiny was a disappointment, but in some ways, there wasn't much chance of it not being so, with the expectations so high. At first I thought the herculean effort of creating that much content meant that it was unfair to ask for much more than what they gave us, but playing Dragon Age: Inquisition this week has shown me that it's entirely doable and it probably just came down to publisher greed and too much developer ambition.

      It's still a game i keep coming back to though, almost 3 months on. Even with a brand new game (DA:I) and Shadow Of Mordor before it, I still played the raid tonight with my friends. There's something to be said about that.

    3DS, hardly had any games come out this year. A number of aspects of Mario Kart 8. Amiibos not turning out as cool as they first looked. No regular version n3DS on show at PAX. @miketarno.

    It promised so much
    It delivered so little
    It's the only game i have traded in this year.

      I actually didn't mind thief but I'd agree it was a disappointment and I can see why some people didn't like it. I thought a large portion of how severe the backlash was seemed more that a lot of people want to or think they enjoy stealth games but when actually presented with a true stealth game they don't like it.

        I was disappointed by Thief mainly because they decided to reboot the world. It didn't need rebooting, I liked the Hammerites and Pagans and Keepers and crap. Why even reference them in the game if you aren't going to use them? Oh and getting from one side of the city to the other sucked every time.
        The asylum was really cool though.

    assassins creed unit (although I wasn't really planning on getting it myself)
    vita (did a single vita game besides freedom wars even come out this year that wasn't an indie)

      Hehe, I feel like you should take some responsibility for being disappointed by Ubisoft TWICE in one year. It’s not like the AC series has a flawless record of delivering games that lived up to the hype either.

      “Fool me once” and all that.

        yeah that's why I wasn't really planning on getting it. I enjoyed the first two but gave up the series after that.

    Pre-Order Pants
    My financial situation

    Ass Creed Unity, Watch Dogs, Ubisoft being shit. Titanfall being mediocre. Xbone unable to run 1080p even after Kinect resources are free'd up. GTA PC delay. Hardly any 'excellent' games. New 3DS. Nintendo continuing to be fucking retarded with mostly everything they do. Steam controller being nerfed completely. My life.

    Unity's optimization
    Watch dogs (still didnt deserver such harsh reviews)
    My graphics card that didnt fit.
    Tf2 scream fortress

    I guess a lot of ppl will say Destiny due to lack of content but you know what, for me it was Watch Dogs. Promised so much for so long, we waited and waited and waited through all the delays and yet still the hype and excitement was there.....suddenly it dropped and it was a turd.

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