Kotaku Awards 2014: Nominate Your PC Game Of The Year

Alright, now we're at the money end of our nominations. Time to bring out the big guns. What is your favourite PC game of the year?

This one is tricky for me this year. I did the vast majority of my gaming on consoles this year. That's normal for me, but applies especially this year. Usually I'll play a lot of indies on PC — last year my favourites were Papers Please and Gone Home, but I can't think of any real breakout game like that in 2014.

But with that, here are some of my own nominations for PC game of 2014...

Nidhogg Dark Souls II Trials Fusion

So yeah, I'm actually keen to hear your own nominations for this one, mainly because I've just picked up a semi-decent laptop for gaming and I'd like some recommendations!

Drop your favourite PC games of 2014 in the comments below.


    I'll accept the heat from this comment but honestly playing Diablo 3: ROS is the most fun I have had playing games in a long time - Diablo 3 has a lot of negativity surrounding it which is totally warranted but with the expansion and update 2.1 it is so much addictive fun. I have spent more time on this than another game in the last 2 years.

      Yeah I spent a huge amount of time on RoS this year, but eventually hit end game and got really bored with the grinding to hit higher Torment levels. Still great though. Still, I can't vote for this, I've spent more time and had more fun in Hearthstone this year.

        Naw I had most find grinding my earth set with my barb too much funz, hearthstone was a hidden Gem too though for sure.

    Didn't come out this year, but the best game I played on PC this year was probably Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. That game blew me away.

      Really? I admit I never played it but couldn't have imagined it would be that good.

        Gameplay was addictive, awesome soundtrack, combat was just the right amount of challenging too! I haven't played the sequels yet and have heard they aren't as good, but I highly recommend picking this one up.

    Endless Legend. This game is amazing and possibly one of the most amazing 4x games I have ever played.

    Project M via Dolphin.
    That counts, right?

    That or Wolfenstein: The New Order

    Last edited 27/11/14 12:08 pm

    Elite: Dangerous

    Not that it's even "out" for another couple of weeks, but still. It's my most-played game this year, come to think of it. No idea what my playtime's at now, but I'm fairly sure I hit at least 110 hours. Over 60 at the very least.

      I have to agree on this one as even though its not at full release it is such a massive and massively detailed universe. Great attention to detail.

      Think this will soak up any spare time next year that I might have available. (unless a Bad Company 3 that lives up to expectation is released)

      Yeah. ED is an awesome crowd-funded space sim. Biggest sandbox game ever! You need to experience it with the Oculus Rift. Can't wait for the 16th December to arrive.

    Divinity - Original Sin
    South Park - The Stick Of Truth

    Two very solid RPGs. Its been a good year from RPGS and next year looks possibly even better

    Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls with the Loot 2.0 update was godly!

    - The Wolf Among Us (I had to check - it launched in October 2013 but episode 2 didn't come out til February(!) and it finished in July so I'm counting it).
    - Walking Dead season 2 (again, started in December 2013 but mostly got released this year)

    These are the only new(ish) titles I've played on PC this year and they were both excellent. I've also been playing a little Binding of Isaac: Rebirth but to be honest I'm a little disappointed with it so it doesn't get my nomination.

    Banner Saga (not to be confused with Candy Crush Saga) was awesome I thought but I love Vikings.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition without a shadow of a doubt. 100 hours in and have tons to do. As a bonus the wife is loving it just as much as me :)

    Shadow of mordor for me, but I've got a feeling that when i get around to playing Divinity Original Sin that will come up trumps. I just can't see that being this year.

      Divinity was really really fun coop, I played it the week it came out and it was in dire need of a patch so I think you will be better off for waiting.

      None of the issues were major it was just a lot of stupid little things like certain crafting mats not being available and things that were easily fixed in the first month of release.

      The gameplay itself was great!

    Dragon Age Inquisition. I'm probably not even a third through it yet (after 50 hours or so), and it keeps getting better and better. I started off not being very impressed, but once I started progressing through the main quest (there are enough side-quests you don't need to do this for a long time) this is beginning to look like it might be my favourite game of all time.

    Hearthstone.. or just Blizzard in general this year has been a big one, just unfortunate about the server issues with the Wow Expansion but its incredibly difficult to prepare for such a massive launch.

    Other then that my PC has had the lease amount of use this year - but maybe that's because I work everyday on the PC and jump onto the PS4(now also 3DS) when it comes to gaming.

    Mount your Friends

    Bonus award: Best dick-wibbling physics of 2014

    Diablo 3 ROS
    Alien: Isolation
    Shadowrun: Dragonfall Directors Cut
    Shadow of Mordor
    Ancient Space
    Divinity Original Sin

    Special mention to 'Deadcore' for making me almost vomit



      I vote Shovel Knight

    I'm tempted to say DA:I, except I'm only 38 hours in, and there are still a few nagging annoyances I have with it. Other than that... not sure. Dark Souls 2 was my game of the first half of this year, and nothing has really topped that. Everything else, I'm still in the process of playing, or awaiting time and download quota to start.

    "This War of Mine"... one of only two pc games I played this year lol, the other being "Gods Will Be Watching"

    *searches inbox for 'steam purchase'*
    *scrolls all the way to 01/01/14*


    By default. Only PC game I set out to purchase all year. Whoa.

    Diablo 3 RoS

    I realise mods dont technically count.. and this one hasn't actually finished development either, but the amount of hours i sunk into - UFO: long war - puts every other game this year into the shade. Makes an acceptable remake into a fantastic recreation. If you own the 2012 ufo and the xpac (required).. i thoroughly recommend giving this a shot.

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