Mario Can Truly Be A Terrible Human Being

Mario seems nice enough. He rescues people from weird dinosaurs, he cleans up holiday resorts covered in graffiti, organises some wicked sports tournaments. But what if all this is just a front? What if Mario is actually a complete sociopath with a penchant for finding people in precarious situations and then pushing them over the edge?

This is the concept of Super Bad Mario. A pretty hilarious series of YouTube videos.

Watch as Mario bops an unsuspecting cat into a toilet. Watch as he helps a car sink into a frozen lake. Marvel at his sheer evil as he nails a number of unsuspecting people in their moments of weakness.

Mario, you are a bad man.


    This is actually pretty funny. I thought it was going to be completely animated.

    That ice slide and the Penguin race music made it for me.

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