Mecha Punching Sure Is Intense

Mecha Punching Sure Is Intense

This is Project Hon. It's a mecha game with machines that shoot, transform and smack the crap out of each other.

From NCSoft, Project Hon has been in development since 2011. It is slated for PC and cloud gaming-type services in South Korea.

엔씨소프트 - 프로젝트혼 하이라이트 [[email protected] — Thanks Sang!]


    Cripes I hope the camera is more stable than what's shown in this. It's like a Michael Bay movie.

    Good god! These ARE the droids I'm looking for!!

    Smells like the good kind of Armored Core... God I miss two and four.

    Looks more cinematic then game play to me but this game does LOOK sexy as heeeeeell

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