Minecraft’s Industrial Revolution Maps Are Suitably Magical

Minecraft’s Industrial Revolution Maps Are Suitably Magical
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After all, building “just” dreary factories in a world like Minecraft’s, where industry clashes with magic, wouldn’t make much sense. So what we get instead is the industrial revolution turned up to 11, sometimes with dragons, sometimes with giant robots.

Planet’s Minecraft’s Industrial Revolution contest finished its one-month run last week with a total of 125 entries. Just like last time, the task was to take Planet Minecraft’s map, and build upon it without making too many changes to the landscape.

The contest’s winners will likely be announced sometime next week. Until then, let’s see some of the builds the site’s community came up with.

The gif up top is from a map called Altaia Punk by mrstreetcreed, which is set on an island in the process of being stripped of its natural resources. The giant clock, apparently, serves as a warning to the colonists that they can’t stay on the island forever.

farbenemo1’s Factory of Crazy Machines is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a factory, and there are machines, which are arguably crazy. Crazy awesome, that is.

This is Arkanace by DivineMedicus. According to the supplied lore, the huge-arse dragon is Steve’s pet on this map, which is pretty badass.

Here’s another dragon, this time on Hydraxus’ Evorium – The Cloud Conjurer. It appears to be made of smoke (or rather, steam) which makes it very, uh, steampunk.

The island in Sunfury’s Recraftia – Devourer of Nature is polluted to hell and back. The lore says that the pollution prompted a few dragons to attack the island at one point — they ended up losing to a gargantuan robot with miniguns for arms.

Blockworks Inc. by Blockworks is perhaps the most modern-themed of the bunch. It’s wall-to-wall machines, and overall, quite impressive. The huge statue, called the Presider, is supposedly the “brain” of the factory.

There’s a lot more cool projects to look at on the contest’s entries page, and don’t forget that you can download each of these maps from their project pages to see what they look like in-game, without all that fancy post-processing.

Industrial Revolution Project Contest [Planet Minecraft]


  • I wonder how many were made legit and without using 3rd part modelling programs. It’s the only thing I am suss about when I see such creations in a PC version. (where I assume this was all made)

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