More And More Games Are Starting To Look Like Dark Souls

More And More Games Are Starting To Look Like Dark Souls

I often doubted those who claimed that Dark Souls was ‘influential’. I didn’t subscribe to the idea that games tried to imitate it, or make clones, because I thought those games just didn’t exist. Slowly but surely I’m being proven wrong.

Eitr is the latest in what seems to be a stream of new video games directly influenced by the design, aesthetic and feel of Dark Souls. It looks (more specifically it sounds) amazing.

Eitr is a game based in Norse mythology, which is cool in and of itself. In Norse mythology ‘eitr’ is lifeforce, it’s a liquid that is the source of all things. I’m going to guess that you might be collecting ‘eitr’ in Eitr the way you collect ‘souls’ in Dark Souls games, but that’s just a theory.

It’s a slow paced game with roots in dungeon crawling. This is also cool. I like the atmosphere of this early look at the game and I’m keen to see more.

I’d also like to state for the record that I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing that Eitr seems to be directly influenced by Dark Souls. At EB Expo the creator of Lords of the Fallen — another game with Dark Souls in its DNA — claimed that the style of play we see in Souls games is almost its own genre now. I think that’s a little bit of a stretch, but we’re getting there. Every now and then single video games make leaps like this: Street Fighter 2 inspired a number of great fighters. Mario launched a thousand platformers. Maybe Dark Souls is in that league?


  • I hope so! There’s only one Dark Souls, and only one FROM Software, but I’d be all over as many clones as I could get my hands on. After all, this is how mechanics get tweaked and improved, and fed back into the next incarnation of the original franchise.

  • Just thought I’d add that that is impressive AI for a 2D hack and slash; usually in games like this enemies blindly head towards the player and spam attacks.

    I love Souls’, but I agree its not quite a new genre. Having said that, I’m insanely happy that people are making more games like that as I don’t think we’ll ever get another Metroid Prime. 🙁

  • One day I’d really like to play King’s Field, From Software’s original game that was a spiritual predecessor to Demon’s Souls which is a spiritual predecessor to Dark Souls. I would also really like to play Eitr. Norse Dark Souls style game? Yes please.

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