My Favourite Game At PAX Australia In Post-It Notes

Just after PAX Australia I wrote that Expand was my favourite game of the show. During the show the game's creator was asking everyone who played to sum up the experience in one word on a post it note. Why? So he could make this really cool looking video focusing on what people wrote!

And also this cool looking website, that allows you to explore the post-its.

The notes are interesting — except for that one buffoon who decided to totally ignore the brief and write two words instead of one. Maybe the jokes on me, maybe he was making some grand comment on restrictions or something. Actually props to that guy. Fight the power bro... or something.


    Oh crap they had the camera there the whole time??

    Thank god I didn't show up in that video -.-'

    Actually props to that guy. Fight the power bro…

    Nerd rebellion against our oppressors !!!1

    Hey! That's mind on the top right - contemplative.

    Agreed, Mark. It was my favourite too.

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